When You Should Consider Print Management Outsourcing

If you are like many companies, print management is not a top priority. For nearly any business or industry, effective print management can provide significant benefit, but no one has the time or...

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Topics: print costs, productivity, Managed Print Services, Efficiency, Consumer Services

You Might Need Managed IT Services If… (Thanks Jeff Foxworthy)

A friend recently asked, “What are key ways you know you need Managed IT Services?” Instantly, a rendition of the Jeff Foxworthy redneck one liners started running through my head. They were not...

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How to Select a Telecommunications Carrier that Supports Your Business Needs

The telecom carrier your company chooses to work with is one of the most important decisions your business will make. The Internet connectivity and telecommunication tools available to your...

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Topics: Telecom, Carrier Services, Business Services, Financial, mobile, Cloud Migration

Those "Free" Employee Communication Apps Aren't Always Free

We all love free apps and communication tools that make our lives easier. We use them as consumers, and we use them from home, but when you bring those same tools to your work setting, things can...

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Topics: UCaaS, communication systems, Business Services, Phone Systems, Mobile Devices

What is a Document Management Workflow?

A document management workflow is, on the surface, exactly what the name implies. It's a system used to produce, track, edit, store and manage documents associated with a business process. Most...

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Topics: document management, Efficiency, Security, flexibility, accessibility, Consultants

Is Managed Print Services a Good Fit for Your Business? [Checklist]

Managed Print Services (MPS) isn’t an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all purchase. In fact, each organization Marco partners with has a custom set of services that align with their organization’s...

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An Updated Phone System can Minimize School District Interruptions

Each generation has its own memory of being called down to the school office. Some experienced a knock at the door by the school secretary. Others remember the request broadcast over a PA system...

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Topics: Voice, Case Study, Unified Communication, Upgrading, Education, Sourcewell Contracts

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Office and Your Remote Workers

Cloud computing is becoming commonplace in offices as companies look to boost the productivity of employees, enhance their accessibility and create a mobile-friendly environment. For most...

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Topics: Cloud, Cloud Services, Efficiency, Cloud Migration, Knowing Which Option is Best

What is Complete Hybrid IT?

Typically, organizations have server infrastructure and desktop apps stored one of two ways: 

  1. Locally
  2. In the cloud

But you and I both know businesses are more complex than this, and so is...

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Are Communication Silos Killing Your Organization?

Today’s organizations are fast-paced environments, to say the least. And in order to maintain that pace, employees need to be able to make quick decisions when problems come up. Otherwise, they...

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Topics: UCaaS