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4 Ways NJPA Contracts Help Schools, Government Agencies and Nonprofits

It can be difficult for any organization to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, especially considering the expense typically associated with doing so. 

Not-for-profit organizations are met...

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6 Communication Issues Unified Communications Can Solve

If you look through enough articles, you'll likely run across a few that focus on communications problems in the workplace. Having found such articles on my own, I thought, how can these...

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4 Ways Business IT Services are Changing in 2017

IT Services as we know them are constantly advancing and evolving. Below I've included a few ways you're likely to see Business IT Services changing in 2017.

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The Top 5 Audio Video System Features Offered for Businesses in 2017

Technologies evolve and develop at different paces. Over the past few years, audio video system features have come a long way. Some technologies considered cutting edge even three or five years...

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Unified Communications: Operational Expense Vs. Capital Expenditure

Traditionally speaking, businesses are accustomed to categorizing phone systems as capital expenditures. You buy the hardware (phones and headsets), you have it installed and you use it - any...

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UCaaS: One Offering, Two Levels to Choose From

Unified Communications as a Service - or UCaaS - combines all of your communications (voice, instant messaging, screen sharing, web conferencing, email, etc.) into a single stream of...

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5 Reasons You're Ready for an NJPA Cooperative Contract

Last month, we featured a question and answer session with NJPA's Dave Duhn. Today, we're sharing extra details about NJPA Cooperative Contracts. 

What the NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance)...

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5 UCaaS Trends for a Smarter, More Productive and More Collaborative Workplace

Just about everything we do is a form of communication, from facial expressions and tone of voice to hand gestures. Our brains combine all types of communication in one central place so we can...

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5 FAQs about the Different Types of Cloud Computing

If you're looking for the future of business technology, look to the cloud. Businesses that migrate to the cloud have an easier time with A LOT of today's technology-related frustrations, like...

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