VOIP vs. Unified Communications: What You Need to Know

When I begin working with a customer, the first thing we have to uncover is how their business communicates. What ways are employees talking to each other, and are your current means of...

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Topics: Voice, Unified Communication, UCaaS, VOIP

IT Security Best Practices for Today’s Businesses

It’s true. Technology is always changing. Sometimes, technology changes in small, incremental ways, and at other times, it makes big shifts in what can seem like the blink of an eye. With...

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Topics: Managed Services, Security, Network Security

3 Benefits Cloud Computing Brings to Mobile Work Environments

Work is no longer a place we go—it’s a thing we do. We can do work…

  • …on the road.
  • …at home.
  • …in the office.
  • …on vacation.
  • …on the airplane.
  • …in the waiting room.
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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Cloud Migration, productivity, Multiple Locations

5 Problems with the RFP Process & Why You Should Consider a Sourcewell Contract

For those of you who manage purchasing for a government agency or school system, the RFP process tends to slow things down. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more complex exercise than assembling...

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Topics: Education, Government, Poor Communication, Sourcewell Contracts

Two Ways to Get a Mitel Phone System: Sourcewell vs. RFP

Government, education and nonprofit agencies typically have two options when it comes to purchasing a phone system and satisfying their competitive solicitation requirement:

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Nonprofit, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Effective Communication Tip: Assess & Accommodate Your Co-Worker's Styles

Have you ever noticed how the same discussion, explanation or recommendation can be received very differently depending on who you’re speaking to? Or, have you ever found yourself using different...

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Topics: Culture, Business Services, Communication

4 Signs Marco’s New All-You-Can-Print Model is Right for Your Business

Just a few short months ago, we introduced a new pricing model option for printing. Specifically, it applies to businesses receiving Marco’s Managed Print Services. If you currently partner with...

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Topics: Print

4 Questions to Determine The Value of Managed IT Services

As companies look at the value of receiving Managed IT services from an external provider, internal IT team members and executives wonder, is this right for our business? As you contemplate the...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Efficiency, Business Services, Technology

Marco’s Managed Services Change Along with Your Company, Here’s How

How does your managed services partnership adapt when your business changes? Here at Marco, we grow and scale alongside our customers. We've built our managed services offering to adapt to...

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Topics: managed IT

How-to Set Up 2-Sided Printing and B&W Defaults on Your Printer or MFP

Printers perform necessary functions in every office, from printing meeting notes and office memos, to producing detailed reports and marketing brochures. If you want your print projects to look...

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Topics: General Printing Advice