Business Communication FAQ: Unified Communications as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is pretty widely known and understood. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) however, can be a bit more confusing. What is UCaaS and why is it important? I put...

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Comparison Chart: Proactive Vs Reactive Print Planning [Infographic]

Any business that relies on printing also has to take part in print planning. Print planning includes installing, maintaining and servicing print devices. It also includes purchasing consumables...

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The 4-1-1 on Managed IT Services and Network Management

Your network is a vital component of your daily business operations. Every moment without your network results in lost productivity and potentially missed sales opportunities. Put in its simplest...

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Topics: Networking, Managed IT Services

Myth: I Can't Afford a “Fancy” Communication System for my Business

I’ve run into more than a few business owners who believe a hi-tech communication system is automatically out of their budget. Even if they have read about the benefits and heard a few great...

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How Managed Print Services Can Impact Your Revenue

There are several factors to analyze when considering Managed Print Services (MPS) for your organization. On one hand are the cost-saving benefits managed print delivers in terms of maintenance...

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Myth Series #2: “My Company Can't Afford IT” [Video]

The belief that Managed Services are too expensive or unaffordable is a common myth our sales managers run into during their conversations with potential clients. When I asked Shelly Caldwell, our...

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Choosing a Mitel Phone System on a School-System Budget

One of the toughest balancing acts for decision makers in the education field is the task of upgrading technology throughout the district, while staying within budget and meeting the purchasing...

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How Do I Plan for a New Unified Communication System? [Video]

It’s quite common for clients to ask me when I think is the best time to plan for a new unified communications system. And, while the right answer does vary from client to client, there are a few...

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6 Signs Your Company is Overdue for a Technology Assessment

The Marco Technology Assessment was developed as a way to give business stakeholders a non-technical look at their business technology. We’ve found that businesses have a lot to gain by having a...

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FAQ Video: What is NJPA + Other Questions

What is NJPA? That’s a question I’ve answered more times than I can count. Still, I never tire of telling people what NJPA is and how it can impact nonprofit organizations, educational...

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Topics: NJPA Contracts