Quick Question: Do You Know Your Annual Print Expenses?

A clear, airtight budget used to be something to strive for, but now it’s an expectation. The overall tightening of business budgets is happening across industries, with every line item requiring...

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How To Protect Your Business: Workspace & Physical Security Tips

The conversation around business security tends to center around digital security — firewalls, emails, passwords, etc. While all those things are important, businesses have a lot to lose by not...

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A Guide to the IT Lifecycle: What it is & What You Need to Know

Everything has a usable lifespan, even computers and network hardware. Let me rephrase that ... especially computers and network hardware. In terms of business technology, knowing when something...

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Meter Readings Running You Down? Consider Marco's All-You-Can-Print Services

For years and years, meter readings have been at the core of print service offerings. If your business was working with a managed print provider, odds are that members of your internal team were...

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5 Steps to the Cloud: What to do before adopting a cloud-based communication system

Change is hard. No doubt about it. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch to alter your behavior. Change is a multi-stage process as researched and developed by renowned psychologist James...

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3 Scenarios That Could Profit from the Advantages of Cloud Computing

Common as it may be, the cloud tends to be a gray area for many business owners. Cloud computing is defined as the practice of using a network of remote servers, accessible via the Internet, to...

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How to Control Telecommunications Expenses

Your company relies on many telecommunication services, from telephones and mobile devices to Internet connectivity and the IT infrastructure. No matter how important telecommunications is to your...

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How Paper Weight Affects Printing and Other Tips

Picture this: you’re in a hurry to get to a meeting, and you send a print job to the printer. While it’s printing, you collect your meeting materials from your desk, and as you head off to the...

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6 Ways Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Is your small business protected from cyber attacks? As businesses continue to rely more and more on technological advances and integrate new technologies into their network, their risk continues...

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Business Communication and Collaboration Tools: How Marco Solves Your Puzzle

You sit down at a big folding card table, break the seal on a new cardboard jigsaw puzzle box and pour out all the pieces. Ah ... that new puzzle smell hits you as you immediately turn over every...

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