How to Select a Telecom Carrier + 3 Important Steps You Can Take

Posted by Jeff S. Olson on January 24, 2019

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The telecom carrier your company chooses to work with is one of the most important decisions your business will make. The Internet connectivity and telecommunication tools available to your business impact everything from your online presence in the industry to internal and external communication. The right telecom carrier isn't the one that promises the most, but rather, is the one that meets the operational requirements of your business and your budget.

So, how can you select the right carrier to support your business?


The right carrier is the telecom company that can help you achieve business goals by providing the IT support you rely on from day to day. Selecting the right telecom carrier comes down to quality. Internet connectivity, data and voice help power the daily operations and communication of your business, which means a telecom carrier should provide quality options when it comes to these factors.

With many telecom carriers serving a specialty industry or niche market, the right carrier is the one that can align the services and features of a particular provider with the operational requirements of your business. For some, this may include selecting an enterprise telecom carrier.

The wrong telecom carrier gives a poor impression of your business from top to bottom. It can jeopardize the financial goals of your business, while threatening the reliable customer service and service delivery of your company.

#1: What are Your Business Telecom Needs? 

Image description: Grouping of cubicles with neon green dividers and a diverse group of individuals working at their computers and communicating.Before you engage with any telecom carrier, it’s important to analyze the current state of your business.

  • What business objectives are you trying to achieve now and in the future that could impact your carrier selection? 
  • Do you feel like you’re paying more than necessary for your current service?
  • Is your decision-making driven by reliability and support?
  • Where do you think your company will be in three years?

The answers to these questions will make it easier for you to connect with a telecom carrier capable of meeting your needs. 

If your decision to switch carriers is driven by the desire to save money on your telecommunication expenses, it's important to ensure you don't sacrifice service and reliability for a lower monthly bill. Not all telecom carriers offer the same level of technology or services, and there may be a carrier with more advanced technology that could better benefit your business. Plus, taking a look into the future will help you select a telecom carrier who can support your growth plans. 

#2: Connect with Telecom Carriers

As you begin to research, don't feel like you need to limit the number of carriers you contact. If available, feel free to invite as many as three or four telecom carriers to come in and review your organization’s needs. Holding individual meetings allows each carrier to develop the most accurate proposal possible for the services you require, and working with multiple carriers during the proposal phase will allow you to compare services offered and prices.

On another note, try to work with carriers that have been around for while and have a proven track record in reliability, account management and successful customer support. 

#3: Engage with a Telecom Carrier Agent 

Once you've evaluated your current state and future growth goals and reviewed multiple telecom carriers, it's time to engage with a telecom carrier agent. Representatives from individual telecom carriers can tell you all about the benefits of their solutions, but their focus remains on their own services.

By engaging an agent or carrier consultant, you'll have an advocate who is looking out for the best interest of your company above their own benefit. Agents can offer more neutral opinions that help your business select the telecom carrier with the services, reliability and support that are best for your business.

If you're looking for more details and specific examples of what to look for when selecting a telecom carrier, I've outlined some below. These will help you prepare to engage with various telecom carriers for your business. 


The simple answer to this question is everything. After all, what do you expect employees to accomplish without connectivity at their desks, phones or applications to help complete daily tasks? Each of these require services and support from a great telecom carrier. Again, it is imperative to select the telecom carrier capable of supporting these daily activities effectively.

This includes supporting some of the following areas of business within your company:

  • Mobile Connectivity
    An increasing number of businesses are enabling a mobile workforce to improve the connectivity of remote workers and offer better communication for employees, whether they're at their desk, on the road or out to lunch. Your service coverage as a company expands when you have a reliable service provider.

  • Migration to the Cloud
    The growth of high-speed internet has enabled more companies to migrate services and technology to the cloud. The shift of software and physical infrastructure to the cloud saves the company money by reducing on-site hardware costs and expanding access to software applications for employees in headquarters, branch locations and those who work from home.

  • Better Management
    A good telecom carrier doesn't just provide reliable services and products, but also helps your company keep tabs on its services. With asset controls, audit capabilities and centralized management, the right telecom carrier will help your business monitor costs and control expenses related to telecom services.


Managed IT firms, like Marco, exist to help your business partner with the right telecom carrier agent. Marco represents more than 50 different carriers offering services ranging from localized territory offerings to those covering regions across the United States. To be clear, Marco isn't a direct telecom provider. Instead, Marco helps your business select the telecom carrier that offers the options, features and services that best suits your business. With Marco, you can select the right telecom carrier from an informed position.

Marco continually works to improve its telecom carrier selection process by introducing a grading system. The full list of carriers that Marco works with are graded based upon the same criteria, and each is issued a grade that makes it easier for you to select the right telecom carrier that suits your business and provides a proven product appreciated, evaluated and graded by industry experts.

By working with a variety of telecom carriers, Marco is able to offer multiple options to choose from and a diverse portfolio of carriers that meet the unique needs of each business. Most importantly, you have access to all-in-one services that better align with your operational requirements in an environment that is easier to understand than finding quality services and support on your own.

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