3 Ways UCaaS Strengthens your organization's Communication

Posted by Matt Kanaskie on March 17, 2017

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is a way to take all your communications and unify them into one stream of efficient, effective communication. That means all your email, voicemail, text messaging and whatever other methods of communication your business uses will all end up in one place so you can respond to them with speed - and an assurance you aren’t missing anything. You can also integrate your UCaaS capabilities with a mobile app, so your unified stream can be accessed wherever you may be. It actually does more than that, and the features of UCaaS are expanding all of the time.

UCaaS has three strengths that stand out to first-time users right away...

  1. Resiliency

    3 Strengths Unified Communications Brings to Your Organization's CommunicationYour current phone system is vulnerable to any number of outages, from storms to inattentive drivers knocking out the lines. With UCaaS, your phone system is shifted to the cloud, making it more reliable, more available and less vulnerable. For most organizations, a phone outage is a huge deal, and it’s easy to imagine the damage to a business when customers can’t get through and employees can't communicate internally. UCaaS eliminates that worry and switches everything to a resilient system.
  2. Sizing and Scalability

    Remember when you had to worry about a million different variables with any IT installation? UCaaS eliminates that. As you add employees and your company grows, UCaaS responds immediately with all the tools you need. In reality, it's as simple as deciding what your needs are and initiating the changes to get there.
  3. Reduced Capital Expenditures

    In both the long-term and in the short-term, UCaaS can dramatically change how much you spend on your IT tools. Remember all the computing horsepower you used to have to buy? All that just shifted to the cloud - desktops, servers, laptops, etc. Want a number? How about paying 25% of what you currently spend for your capital expenditures? Instead of buying tons of hardware and installing all the applications, you only purchase the UCaaS phones. Even the price of those phones can be rolled into your monthly UCaaS subscription fee. That means you could literally do it with no up-front costs. Finally, you work with one vendor, one support company and pay just one invoice - Marco does it all for you.

How Does it Work?

We get that question a lot. Many people we work with have a history with IT systems, and often they had to build a lot of their solutions themselves. They had to know how everything worked because eventually, they would need to install, fix or replace significant pieces of the system. We keep reassuring them that they don’t have to know how UCaaS works, they just have to decide if they'd like to use it. Customers don’t need to manage, troubleshoot or maintain UCaaS. 

Gmail is a good example. You probably use it every day, but you don’t worry about whether it’s using bandwidth efficiently or if Google is managing the space on the servers wisely or if the switches are correctly configured. You just use it and let Google sweat the details.

UCaaS is like that. We build, maintain and deliver the service, and you can get on with your work, effectively shelving all your concerns about how the system actually works.

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