Are Print Costs Killing Your Bottom Line? Read This

Posted by Terry Willis on November 7, 2017

A lot of businesses are unaware of how much they're spending on printing. Oftentimes, this comes down to taking a reactive stance on print needs, whether it's with supplies, maintenance or repair. When print costs are left unmanaged, it's difficult for businesses to get a clear picture of their true print costs, making budgeting for print needs a near impossible task. 

Are Print Costs Killing Your Bottom Line? Read This


When your toner cartridge is running low, it's common sense to go ahead and order a new one. But, when no single person or department is in charge of ordering print supplies, you might not know that there are toner cartridges already ordered and stored within your building.

Anyone who regularly orders toner knows just how expensive those cartridges can be, and ordering extras can add up quickly. 


Beyond the costs of the cartridges themselves, the employee time spent searching online and ordering toner is time that they're not focused on their day-to-day responsibilities. Employee time is the number one cost of today's businesses, and it's crucial that they have the technology and the resources to do their job. That means not having to worry about running out of toner or going too far to print. 

Imagine this scenario: one of your employees orders a toner cartridge online. When it shows up, that cartridge has a leak and spills toner inside your print device. Now, your staff has to figure out how to return the faulty cartridge, clean up the print device and order a new cartridge. Plus, now the printer has no toner for employees to print, so they have to use an inconveniently located device or find a way to get their work done without printing. All of these things put a serious drain on employee productivity


If your company had a Managed Print Services contract, here's how the scenario mentioned above would play out...

When your printer is running low on toner, Marco would be automatically notified and a toner cartridge would arrive at your office the next day. It would be the correct toner for your print device, and one of your employees would simply replace the empty cartridge with the new one. That's it. All of the stress, frustration and mess simply wouldn't be there. 

It's worth noting that if (and this is unlikely) the toner cartridge was faulty in any way, Marco would send a service tech to clean up any issues and provide a new cartridge. 


Rising print costs can have a significant effect on a business' bottom line. Beyond print supplies, Managed Print Services handles the service and maintenance needs of your print environment so your employees can focus on more important matters. There's no need for businesses to troubleshoot or get sidetracked worrying about printer issues. 

When your business has Managed Print Services, you'll never have to buy another printer to replace an existing printer. Parts, labor and printer replacement are all covered. And any print-related issues or questions are a single call or email away. 

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