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Clay Ostlund

Clay Ostlund is the Consulting Systems Engineer Lead at Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Clay received his Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from North Dakota State University in 2006. Before joining Marco in 2009 as a Senior Systems Engineer, Clay worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Corporate Technologies LLC for three years. Clay specializes in Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Borderless Networks, Cisco/IBM DataCenter, Enterprise Storage and VMware vSphere. He is a certified Cisco Network Professional, Cisco Voice Professional and VMware Professional.
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A Guide to the IT Lifecycle: What it is & What You Need to Know

Everything has a useable lifespan, even computers and network hardware ... let me rephrase that, especially computers and network hardware. In terms of business technology, knowing when something...

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Topics: Business IT

Wired vs. Wireless Networks for Business

Wired or wireless. It's the great connectivity debate, and you'll find organizations on either side who are solely dedicated to whichever network they currently have. In this blog, I'll be...

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3 Things to Know about the IT software lifecycle

People like to hang onto old software. They are comfortable with their software, they know how it works, they know the shortcuts and they don’t really want to change simply because “it’s new.”


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Topics: Business IT

What You Should Know about the IT lifecycle

Computers and network hardware wear out. It’s a fact. Trouble is, it’s difficult to know when they've reached the end of their useful life. 

Human nature tends to embrace the adage “if it...

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The Truth About Meetings and Cisco Spark as a Solution

How effective was your last business meeting? No, it’s not a rhetorical question – think back to your last meeting, whether it was in-person, via conference call or over telepresence. How would...

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Topics: Cisco, Enterprise

Unified Communications: What Does it Mean?

Every day your employees are busy communicating with one another as well as your customers. The complexity of business communication has grown rapidly in the last 20 years. The office environment...

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Topics: Communications Services, Unified Communication, UCaaS, reachability, availability, communication, telecommunication

Network Security Measures Protect Before, During and After an Attack

The web has done wonders for business in the 21st century, connecting remote offices and giving employees the freedom to work on the go and boost productivity, whether they're in the office or at...

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Topics: Security, Business Services, Cisco, Network Security, protection

Cyber Crime Threats and the Cost of Not Protecting Your Business

Are you safe and protected from the cyber crimes threatening businesses and end users of the Internet and computer technology? Cisco has outlined the costs of not being prepared for the threats...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Security, protection, cost savings

Is Your School Prepared to Support Mobile Classrooms? [Infographic]

Today's technology is beginning to surface in classrooms and education environments. Rather than investing in the hard copies of books every couple of years, many schools are handing out tablets...

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Topics: Education, Future Technology, Unified Communication, Budget, IT infastructure

5 Steps You Must Take to Create a Secure IT Disaster Recovery Plan

What would happen if your business were the victim of a disaster that shuts down your IT? Could you recover? What would it cost you?

The following five steps will help you not only create an IT...

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