Clay Ostlund

Clay Ostlund is the Consulting Systems Engineer Lead at Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Clay received his Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from North Dakota State University in 2006. Before joining Marco in 2009 as a Senior Systems Engineer, Clay worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at Corporate Technologies LLC for three years. Clay specializes in Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Borderless Networks, Cisco/IBM DataCenter, Enterprise Storage and VMware vSphere. He is a certified Cisco Network Professional, Cisco Voice Professional and VMware Professional.
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Cyber Crime Threats and the Cost of Not Protecting Your Business

Are you safe and protected from the cyber crimes threatening businesses and end users of the Internet and computer technology? Cisco has outlined the costs of not being prepared for the threats...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Security, cost savings

Is Your School Prepared to Support Mobile Classrooms? [Infographic]

Today's technology is beginning to surface in classrooms and education environments. Rather than investing in the hard copies of books every couple of years, many schools are handing out tablets...

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Topics: Education, Future Technology, Unified Communication, Budget, IT infastructure

5 Steps You Must Take to Create a Secure IT Disaster Recovery Plan

What would happen if your business were the victim of a disaster that shuts down your IT? Could you recover? What would it cost you?

The following five steps will help you not only create an IT...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Security

Need Secure File Sharing for Business? There's an App for That!

Mobility is king in the current business climate. Your employees, from the sales team up to the CEO, want and need access to software, collaboration tools and files whether they're at their desk...

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Topics: Security, document management, Cisco, file sharing, B2B

Conference Call Problems? A Polycom Audio Conferencing System can Help

Tripp and Tyler, a comedic duo, produced a YouTube video that accurately captures all of the common frustrations that can happen during an audio conference call. If you haven’t seen it and are in...

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Topics: Office Technology, Phone Systems, Technology, Conferencing

4 Reasons NOT to Implement a Wireless Solution

In order to compete in a mobile world, businesses are pressed to adopt wireless technology to make life easier. I know what you are thinking… making the change to a wireless network sounds...

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Topics: Communications Services, Networking, Mobile Devices, Wireless, flexibility

5 Business Objectives Achieved Through Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools enable and empower your employees to do some amazing things. Take a look at five business goals supported by employees putting collaboration tools to use:

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Topics: Office Technology, Customer Relationships, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, productivity, cost savings

3 Key Scenarios to Stop and Consider Your Network and Computer Security

Though network and computer security will always be on your mind, there are certain events or circumstances that should raise a flag, causing you to pause and make sure this security is a top...

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Topics: Cloud, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, Security, Cisco, Network Security

4 Benefits of Network Management Services

With 24/7 access to networks being essential in today's business climate, suffering through extended network downtime is not something you can afford. If you have network management services...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Business Services, Network, B2B

Get the Best Network Security Services with Cisco ASA Firewall

The new Cisco ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) Firewall comes from one of the most trusted information technology brands and represents the next generation in firewall and security services. From...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Security, Cisco, Network Security