Dan Larkin

Dan Larkin is the Managed Service Sales Manager at Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Dan graduated from Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. He joined Marco in 2010 as a managed service sales specialist and in 2012 was promoted to lead the managed service sales team. He brings 10 years of industry experience selling, implementing, and supporting managed service clients. Dan is a firm believer in Marco’s “do well, do good” philosophy and is a regular supporter of the American Cancer Society, Roll With It, United Way, and World Vision.
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A Brief Look at Our Managed Print Services Case Studies

Choosing who to do business with requires more than a few kind words and some too good to be true promises. Before you choose a managed print services provider, ask for some proof. Reviewing case...

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Why HP is Your Most Logical Option

When it’s time to replace an office printer, how do you decide which device is best? There is no shortage of options available - from personal printers to multifunction devices. While you’re...

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The Benefits of Printer Repair and Replacement with Managed Print Services

Managed print services has been a popular topic lately as more and more companies realize its many benefits, such as workflow efficiencies, hard cost savings and ongoing return on investment....

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How HP Print Technology Can Address Your Company's Initiatives

Just about anyone in IT is going to regularly bump up against two major initiatives: security and end-user experience. As a business, you want to keep your information safe, and you want to ensure...

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Struggling to Keep Up with Advancements in Technology? You Need Managed Print Services

Think of all the advancements in technology the business world has experienced over the last few years.  Technology is an ever-changing force, and keeping your business up-to-date with the right...

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Determine If Managed Print Services Can Save Your Legal Firm Time & Money

I'd argue that few industries are as hard-copy reliant as legal. Each client case requires an extensive amount of printed paperwork and documentation. Going to trial, for example, means providing...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Efficiency, Legal, productivity

Case Study: Managed Print Services is a Must for this Finance Corporation

No doubt about it, time is valuable. This is especially true for business owners, IT directors, purchasing specialists and office managers. When it comes to keeping a business going, you're the...

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How Big Data Plays a Role in Your Business Printing

We are certainly in the age of big data. The sheer amount of data that is digitized, transferred and stored is enough to make just about anybody's head spin. And in today's businesses, office...

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Top 6 Benefits of Managed Print Services

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services, commonly referred to as MPS, is a service offered by print providers to assist businesses with streamlining printer management and...

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5 Managed Services Pricing Models Explained

Gone are the days when there was one common way to pay for services. Although the options can seem confusing, you may find that one suits your business better than the others. As you are shopping...

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