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Jason Boutwell is a Strategic Account Manager for Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Jason is a proud graduate of North Dakota State University and continues to support the mighty Bison. Jason has spent the bulk of his professional sales and sales management career working to match enterprise customer needs to solutions well equipped to help them accomplish their business objectives through the creative application of proven technology. Jason has been with Marco for over six years and is somewhat hesitant to admit he has been in the industry for 18 years. Prior to Marco, Jason spent eight years with Mitel where he focused his energies on contact center and other real time technologies.
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You Can Upgrade Your Organization's Phone Systems and Stay on Budget

Due to strict budgets and competitive solicitation guidelines, government agencies, school systems and nonprofit organizations often run into struggles and frustrations when updating their...

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, NJPA Contracts, Nonprofit, Government, Upgrading

NJPA Contracts Help Mitel Dealers Help Government Entities

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) makes it possible for organizations to acquire the technology and services needed to remain competitive and effective. The typical process of procuring new...

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Topics: Office Technology, Mitel Dealers, NJPA Contracts, Business IT, Budget, Case Study, telecommunication

5 Problems with the RFP Process & Why You Should Consider an NJPA Contract

When you manage purchasing for a government agency or school system, the RFP process can tie you up and slow things down. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more complex exercise than assembling an...

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Topics: Education, NJPA Contracts, Government, Poor Communication

How Much Can a Business Communication System Save You? [ROI Calculator]

If you're considering making the investment in unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools, you'll likely want to know how to figure out the ROI of your purchase.

Lucky for you, we have a...

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Topics: Business Metrics, Phone Systems, Voice, NJPA Contracts, Unified Communication, cost savings

NJPA Cooperative Contracts vs. RFPs: Process Comparison [Infographic]

The budget year is coming to an end, and your business needs to upgrade its telecommunication systems. There are two choices when it comes to making a purchase: the standard Request for Proposal...

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Topics: Education, NJPA Contracts, Telecom, Government, telecommunication

You Can Buy Unified Communications Systems without Frustrations

Phone systems, oftentimes talked about as Unified Communications Systems, are an essential technology system for business success. If you have a system that works well and meets all of your...

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Topics: Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, NJPA Contracts, Technology, Unified Communication

Getting the Phone System You Need with NJPA Contracts [Slideshare]

If you are responsible for upgrading or replacing the phone system for an education, healthcare, government or nonprofit agency, this blog is for you.

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Topics: Healthcare, Education, Phone Systems, NJPA Contracts, Technology, Nonprofit, Government, Upgrading

4 Things Worth Knowing about NJPA and Cooperative Contracts

The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) creates cooperative contracts for a wide variety of products and services with the expressed purpose of making it easy for state agencies, government...

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Want a Better Phone System with a Smaller Budget? NJPA Can Help

When it comes to investing in IT infrastructure upgrades, government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations often find themselves between a rock and a hard place.


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Topics: Phone Systems, NJPA Contracts, Budget, Upgrading, telecommunication

What You Need to Know about National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Membership

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) aims to simplify the purchasing and procurement process - and they do it through offering cooperative contracts to their members. The cost savings and...

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Topics: Education, NJPA Contracts, Nonprofit, Contract Confusion, Government