Jason Boutwell

Jason Boutwell is a Strategic Account Manager for Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Jason is a proud graduate of North Dakota State University and continues to support the mighty Bison. Jason has spent the bulk of his professional sales and sales management career working to match enterprise customer needs to solutions well equipped to help them accomplish their business objectives through the creative application of proven technology. Jason has been with Marco for over six years and is somewhat hesitant to admit he has been in the industry for 18 years. Prior to Marco, Jason spent eight years with Mitel where he focused his energies on contact center and other real time technologies.

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You Can Choose a Mitel Phone System on a School-System Budget - Here's How

One of the toughest balancing acts for decision makers in the education field is the task of upgrading technology throughout the district, while staying within budget and meeting the purchasing...

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How to Take Advantage of Sourcewell [Video]

Taking advantage of Sourcewell contracts can be pretty impactful. If you’re unfamiliar with Sourcewell or wondering how to benefit, take a moment to watch my newest video. In it, I cover what you...

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Make Your Clinic or Hospital’s Phone System Frustrations a Thing of the Past

Communication is vital in the field of healthcare. Not only is it important to connect reliably with fellow practitioners when treating patients, it is also crucial to have an open line of...

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Topics: Healthcare, Phone Systems, Technology, Sourcewell Contracts

School District Implements a Mitel Phone System Through Sourcewell

All across the nation, school districts continually face budget cuts, leading to financial hurdles. The push to make their dollars go further can be a difficult task, especially with the...

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, cost savings, Sourcewell Contracts

Get Your Next Phone System Faster + More Affordable with a Cooperative Contract

The purchasing process for government, education and healthcare organizations is not always easy or efficient. It often involves the complexities of the RFP process, followed by the equally...

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Topics: Healthcare, Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Government, cost savings

Get the Best Phone System Within Your Budget With Sourcewell Contracts

Unfamiliar with Sourcewell contracts? You aren’t alone. For a long time, the benefits of these contracts were a best-kept secret of educational, nonprofit and government agencies. If you've ever...

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Topics: Communications Services, Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Nonprofit, Sourcewell Contracts

FAQ Video: What is SOURCEWELL + Other Questions

What is Sourcewell? That’s a question I’ve answered more times than I can count. Still, I never tire of telling people what Sourcewell is and how it can impact nonprofit organizations, educational...

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Compare Your Purchasing Process: RFP vs. Cooperative Contracts

The original intent for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process made sense. As part of the procurement process for state agencies, schools and non-profits, RFPs provided a clear way to find out...

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Topics: Efficiency, Education, Mitel Dealers, Nonprofit, Contract Confusion, Sourcewell Contracts

7 Ways Mitel Phones Meet and Exceed an Organization's Needs

The best phone system for an organization is not necessarily the one with the latest features, but rather, one that matches the organization's operational needs. Selecting the right phone system...

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Nonprofit, Budget, Communication, Mobility, Sourcewell Contracts

Struggling to Keep Remote Employees Connected? A Mitel Phone System can Help

Keeping remote employees connected without hurting collaboration or lowering productivity can be a struggle for today's businesses. Luckily, technologies that allow employees to work from outside...

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