Jeff Vetter

Jeff Vetter is the Wide Format Printing Specialist at Marco, a technology company founded in 1973. Jeff received his Architectural Drafting degree in 1982. Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the wide format industry, and joined Marco in 2014 to help the company establish a new Wide Format Printing offering for customers. Jeff specializes in assisting customers in determining which wide format solution is the right fit, whether they are updating old equipment or purchasing a printer for the first time. He has sold equipment to architectural and engineering firms, marketing departments, city and county governments, general contractors and many more industries.
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3 of the Latest Wide Format Printing Features: How Does Yours Compare?

Tech devices and IT equipment tend to advance at the speed of light. As demand for better performance or more efficient productivity from consumers pushes manufacturers to add capabilities, these...

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Topics: Office Technology, Managed IT Services, Efficiency, wide format printers, Upgrading, cost savings

How to Track Your Prints on a Wide Format Printer

If you're going to effectively control the printing costs in your business, you need to have more than just rules governing use of the wide format printer that you and your employees use. Before...

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The Value of Leasing Your Wide Format Printer

As you consider which financing approach to take in obtaining a new wide format printer, you'll likely read a lot of information about various benefits. While it is important to understand the...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Change, Managed IT Services, wide format printers, Upgrading, cost savings

Comparison for Wide Format Printers: Buying vs. Leasing

Obtaining a wide format printer for your business is a significant investment, no matter how you go about acquiring a new device. Leasing is becoming a common approach to acquiring new technology,...

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Specialized Print Options: Wide Format Printers and Production Print

Business owners from industries such as architecture and interior design to graphic artists and contractors are taking advantage of enhanced technology in wide format printing to produce...

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Topics: General Printing Advice, wide format printers, Copiers & Printers, Knowing Which Option is Best

Trained and Experienced Wide Format Printing Techs, At Your Service

Managed print services are an increasingly popular option for companies looking to operate a more productive and efficient fleet of printers. When it comes to wide format printers, not all...

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