Kurt Meemken

Kurt Meemken is the Manager of Software Solutions for Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Kurt started his career with Marco in 2001 as a Systems Engineer. He has over 13 years of experience in the software industry and has held various positions at Marco in both sales and service. He works closely with the key stakeholders and end users to gather necessary information regarding their current business processes. Kurt’s vast knowledge of business processes improves organizations bottom lines through his application of enterprise content management solutions. He was instrumental in the growth of Marco’s Software Solutions Division, specifically Enterprise Content Management.

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Bank's Filing Chaos Solved By M-Files Document Management Software

Banks and financial institutions deal with a heavy document load on a daily basis. Providing effective services to customers and meeting tracking requirements in the financial sector requires a...

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How to Identify and Improve Your Document Management Workflow

Document management solutions are designed to provide your company with better business management and organization capabilities. Implementing a document management solution offers your company a...

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Go Paperless with Document Scanning and Storage

Before the computer came along and streamlined document storage in the workplace, offices were cluttered with piles of papers and endless rows of file cabinets, many of which were overflowing with...

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Topics: Cloud, Data, Security, document management, Paperless

Case Study Roundup: Electronic Document Management Systems in Action

Document management in the workplace has taken a huge leap forward. Physical file folders and filing cabinets are disappearing and are being replaced by computers, networks and servers. Today your...

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Why You Should Implement a Document Management System for Your Law Firm

The practice of law requires a large amount of documentation. Court documents, business contracts, office memos and archives – all pieces of paper that need to be copied, scanned, printed and...

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Document Management Creates Efficiency in Accounts Payable Processes

Document management strategies can successfully achieve significant savings in time and money by automating a labor intensive process. In addition to realizing significant savings, there are other...

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