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Mike Welling is a Consulting Sales Engineer at Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Mike has been designing and implementing complex Data Network solutions for nearly 2 decades. His experience ranges from a computer service technician to Senior Systems Engineer to a subject matter expert in Data Networking. Mike joined Marco in September 1997 and is currently providing consulting services in the greater Minnesota area.
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7 Types of Business IT that can Improve Your Business

It has almost become a cliché in business to talk about how important IT is to every organization. We talk a lot about how it has grown in importance. Ever wonder why?

In the past, IT departments...

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How hot are your servers? Factors affecting your disaster recovery plans

We don’t have to talk about all the consequences of failing to plan for a disaster effecting your IT infrastructure. You’ve likely read some of the stories of lost data, fried servers and...

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Topics: Disaster, Security, Business IT

Do you need a SAN? Three indicators

Ten years ago, that’s not a question you would ask yourself unless you worked for a very large organization. The investment needed to get into a Storage Area Network (SAN) was prohibitive....

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Topics: Business IT, HP

Have you worn out your wireless? Some Diagnostic questions to ask yourself

Wireless networks have gone from an exciting innovation to an expected convenience in a few short years. Along the way, the standards and technologies have changed multiple times. As a...

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7 Signs You May Need a New Server

In most companies, the server is the heart of their network and productivity. It is usually at the center of everything going on, and when it’s up and running at full speed, so are your employees....

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4 Reasons to Consider Aruba Networks for your Business

Although Aruba sounds like a great place for retirement, it could also be the key to your organization's wireless future.

Aruba is a wireless company, recently acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP),...

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Topics: Cloud, Business IT, Airwave, IAP/instant access point

Notes from the Field: tips for Technology Troubleshooting

When I’m not training to stay ahead of the latest trends in technology, I’m out in the field problem solving. As a consulting engineer on a lot of projects, I’m seen as the expert, but somedays I...

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Topics: Cloud, Practice, Hyperconnectivity, Technology, Business IT

Industries Reshaping Consumer Experiences with Aruba Networks

Attending a professional football game includes a long list of positives: the roar of the crowd, contagious excitement and in-your-face action. Finding yourself swept up and enveloped in the sheer...

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Topics: Office Technology, Technology Trends, Future Technology, Integrating, Aruba