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Steve's down-to-earth personality and "no geek speak" philosophy have made him a sought-after speaker on technology nationwide. He currently leads a national peer group on technology and mentors companies internationally on best practices. Steve graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1991 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He led the development of IT networks for the United States Air Force and served at the simulation facility for Bracht, Deckers & Mackelbert before joining Marco in 1999. Today, he leads Marco's progressive IT strategy as Chief Technology Officer and helps customers apply strategies based on their business goals as Vice President of Professional Services.
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You Might Need Managed IT Services If… (Thanks Jeff Foxworthy)

A friend recently asked, “What are key ways you know you need Managed IT Services?” Instantly, a rendition of the Jeff Foxworthy redneck one liners started running through my head. They were not...

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Topics: Networking, Managed Services, Managed IT Services, Help Desk

Top 5 Tech Trends for 2018

In my job, I am routinely asked to look out into the future to predict what technology trends will impact businesses so they can be better prepared. The effect of technology on business operations...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology

Does Your Voice Assistant Get You?

Are you one of the millions who received a voice assistant last year? I’m not even talking about the voice assistants built into your smartphone. We are moving toward a voice-activated world. Why...

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Topics: Voice, Technology Trends, Future Technology

How to Drive Out Waste and Wait

We can have an app for everything these days in business. But that’s not necessarily beneficial. It actually can create waste and increase wait – neither of which are good for business.

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How's Your User Experience?

Think about the last time you called IT support. How did it go? How did it make you feel? In many cases, one of two emotions come to mind – frustration or gratitude.

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Topics: Business IT

Top Tech Toys for Grownups

If you’ve opened a toy guide for the 2017 season, you’ve likely seen the technology takeover of toys. I remember getting plastic or balsa wood models as a kid and how cool the first, really...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology

How Many Clouds Do You Operate In?

How many clouds do you operate in? Just a few short years ago, leaders could list them on a couple fingers or at least one hand. Now most organizations, even small businesses, are finding...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Cloud Migration, multicloud

3 Common Work Tasks IoT Completes

We’re connected – all the time – and I’m not just talking about email and phone calls. I thought about this as I walked into my family’s business and the song I was listening to in my truck came...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Networking, Managed Services, Managed IT Services, Network Security

What Can a Secure Operations Center Do for You?

Security threats are rising with an increasing emphasis on smaller businesses. Hackers see them as easy targets and gateways to larger businesses. The famous attack on Target in 2013 was actually...

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Topics: Managed Services, Security, Network Security

Techie, Which Career Path is Right for You?

Tech jobs are multiplying nationwide, up 7.3 million from last year. The strong majority of those jobs (6.9 million) are at technology companies – like Marco – but a growing number also are within...

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Topics: Hiring, Technology Trends