Steve Knutson

Steve's down-to-earth personality and "no geek speak" philosophy have made him a sought-after speaker on technology nationwide. He currently leads a national peer group on technology and mentors companies internationally on best practices. Steve graduated from the University of New Mexico in 1991 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He led the development of IT networks for the United States Air Force and served at the simulation facility for Bracht, Deckers & Mackelbert before joining Marco in 1999. Today, he leads Marco's progressive IT strategy as Chief Technology Officer and helps customers apply strategies based on their business goals as Vice President of Professional Services.
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How Can Business Continue After a Disaster?

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, questions have been raised about the potential for a business to continue after a disaster. Is it even possible? Yes.

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Topics: Disaster, Backup, Strategic Planning

5 Smart Marketing Moves

What’s the best marketing pitch you’ve received lately? I bet it did not feel like a pitch at all. I prefer to not feel like I am being sold to – or sold out – when someone’s marketing to me. 

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Topics: Technology Trends, Technology, Marketing

What Marketing Earns Business? Not This.

As the CTO and CIO at Marco, I get inundated – I mean inundated – with marketing solicitations. It used to be primarily mail, some email and the occasional call. Now, I can spend a good chunk of...

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Topics: Network Security, Marketing

How Employees Can Protect You from a Cyber Attack

Security threats change every day. Are your employees ready to fight against them? It’s a question that’s often on my mind. Today, hackers do not hack systems; they hack people.

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Topics: Security, Strategic Planning, Business IT, Network Security

2 Tools for Faster Collaboration

The meeting is scheduled. Everyone shows up on time – some even early. The agenda is set. You check off all the calendar and meeting etiquette steps, we’ve talked about in recent blogs. Then you...

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Topics: Communications Services

Take Back Your Calendar: 7 Ways to Better Scheduling

In any given week, I will pull up my electronic calendar and find myself double or even triple booked. It’s become laughable. How can this be? Isn’t technology supposed to prevent this?

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Topics: Communications Services

7 Ways to Improve Your Meetings

Technology is supposed to make us more productive – especially in our meetings. We have electronic calendars, e-communication tools and can start a meeting with anyone – anywhere in the world –...

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Topics: Office Technology, Audio/Video

What’s the Future of Data Centers?

In communities where the construction of new manufacturing facilities once adorned the headlines, we’re seeing a new economic player: data centers. 

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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Backup

When Customer Service Goes Wrong

I recently had one of my worst customer service experiences, if not the worst. It all started with the inability to connect to the Internet at a business that my family operates. It meant the...

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Topics: Customer Relationships, Technology

Does Your Security Have Enough Layers?

When I was in the U.S. military, I learned about the power of “defense in depth.” This defense strategy, that dates back to beginning of time, involves employing multiple layers of defense to...

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