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Terry Willis

Terry Willis is the Business Development Consultant Manager at Marco, a technology services company founded in 1973. Terry was instrumental in helping Marco develop the first professional sales-oriented business development group designed to increase Marco’s penetration into new areas, boost revenue and support pre- and post-acquisition initiatives. In addition to managing the business development team, Terry also books appointments for Marco prospects and customers in our mid major accounts as well as for our enterprise account team. Before joining Marco in 2012, Terry worked as a Sales Manager at Life Time Fitness for six years. He was promoted to Senior Sales Manager in 2011, overseeing five of their clubs. While at Life Time Fitness, Terry received several awards including: the Artistry Award for the Lakeville Club, Artistry Award for the TOP Club - Crosstown Life Time Fitness, and Artistry Award for Sales - Crosstown Life Time Fitness.
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Scammers stalk businesses of all sizes with the hopes of deceiving you and getting your money. They exist across all facets of business, and they haven’t forgotten toner and printing supplies....

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4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Business Printing Costs

Managing costs is always a top priority for business owners. Some of the most manageable, but most forgotten costs, are those related to your print fleet. Here are four simple ways to better...

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Business Printing Costs: What to Know and What You Can Do

Business printing costs can be difficult to manage, and they are oftentimes higher than you would think. Finding the true cost of printing within your business means gathering all print-related...

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Managed Print Solutions and Education: Hudson School District [Video]

Managed print solutions aren't just for businesses. Other entities looking to streamline printing, while controlling costs can also benefit. Managed print can make a significant impact in any...

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Strategies for Optimizing The ROI of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services, or MPS, takes the ongoing management and maintenance of your printer fleet off of your company’s shoulders and places it in the hands of an experienced print provider. With...

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How to Choose the Right Business Copier [Checklist]

Having an office copy machine in your business can drastically improve how your company operates. With the right copier, you won't have employees lined up waiting for jobs to be completed, or...

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What a Managed Print Assessment Does For Your Retail Print Environment

Who is responsible for overseeing the care and maintenance of your retail print environment? How do you know your devices receive the attention they need to run and the maintenance to keep them...

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Tips for Getting Toner Recycling Right the First Time

If you don’t have someone in your organization assigned to taking care of printers and copiers, recycling the cartridges can be hit or miss. Typically, an employee changes a toner cartridge once...

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St. Norbert College Case Study: 4 Managed Print lessons learned

Ruth Johnson, Director of Auxiliary Services at St. Norbert College had a problem, but it was not a new problem. It’s the problem most college administrators face: how to cut costs and maximize...

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