5 UCaaS Trends for a Smarter, More Productive and More Collaborative Workplace

Posted by Matt Kanaskie on April 5, 2017

Just about everything we do is a form of communication, from facial expressions and tone of voice to hand gestures. Our brains combine all types of communication in one central place so we can sort through it and prioritize what's most important.

How does UCaaS Work & Why Does it Matter?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) works a lot like your brain. It collects all the ways that people - customers, coworkers, etc. - communicate with you and puts them into one, easily accessible place. You can then spend your energy on the actual messages rather than trying to figure out where all the pieces are.

5 UCaaS Trends for a Smarter, More Productive and More Collaborative WorkplaceThe links between good communication and productivity are well-established. Effective communication can also reduce turnover, absenteeism, conflict and grievances.

Collaboration is also a very strong factor for your businesses’ continued success. As Tammy Erickson wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “The frontier of human productive capacity today is the power of extended collaboration - the ability to work together beyond the scope of small groups.” The reason people talk about UCaaS so frequently is because of the growing number of ways employees are using it to extend their collaboration - across the hall, across the company and across the globe.

When you look at implementing UCaaS in your organization, here are some of the technologies and trends to consider...

1. Instant Messaging

More urgent and less permanent than an email, instant messaging is the preferred method of communication when you simply need a quick answer so you can get on with your work. It’s also a preferred method of communication among Millennials. If your email inbox is clogged with to-do items, instant messaging can be a great way to communicate without all the clutter.

2. Real-Time Dynamic Presence

If you have ever struggled to find the right person to answer your question - or a customer's question - dynamic presence could be your new best friend. It tells you who is in their office, if they are on the phone, out to lunch or available for a quick chat. With dynamic presence it's easier to catch people between meetings and get the answers you need; it makes communication streamlined and efficient.

3. Screen Sharing

You just found a shortcut to building a form on your website that will save time and alleviate frustrations. With screen sharing you can share what you've found with the whole team by inviting them to view your screen. You can show them what you did in a few minutes and then get back to work. This is where the collaboration productivity multiplier effect kicks in. Now, instead of just being more effective yourself, those you shared your screen with know a new, time-saving shortcut.

4. Single phone

Many of us have more than one phone. Often we have a phone on your desk, a personal mobile phone and maybe a business mobile phone . UCaaS can combine all of your phones into one app and one phone number. Your customers, your coworkers and even your family will only need to remember one number and it will always look like you are calling from your business phone. UCaaS smartly routes all phone calls to the phone in your hand.

5. Video integration

Informal meetings are becoming more common and people are beginning to understand how much more effective they can be. A short meeting where actually work gets done is also good for morale. UCaaS can use the previously mentioned tools plus video to allow more productive meetings to happen in less time. You can see who is in their office, send them all an instant message telling them to join a web conference, and suddenly everyone is face to face talking and instant messaging their ideas. All of these participants could be in the same building but they could also be working from home, working in another state or working from the airport.

UCaaS unifies more than just communication; it unifies people. Let us help implement these trends in UCaaS and make your communication more effective and efficient.

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