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Posted by Terry Willis on February 10, 2014

document_management_softwareWhat if you could put an end to shuffling paper and never being able to find the file you need when you need it? What if all your staff could look at the same document at the same time, even those who work off-site? How much more efficiently could you and your staff work if you could eliminate cumbersome handling of documents and files? Imagine how much more you could get done in a day. Document management software can make that happen.

What Is Document Management Software?

Document management software (DMS) is a system that automates the flow of documents through the people and departments of a company. Such programs can be adapted to virtually any type and size of business.

How Document Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

Adding document management software to your business offers a myriad of benefits, most of which can be realized as soon as the programs and their procedures are up and running.  Among these are:

Improved Workflow

The actions that need to take place with every new client or new order can happen automatically with document management software. For example, your accounting department creates a new account for each new client. As soon as a salesperson enters an order, your accounting department can be automatically notified and sent the necessary information. Accounting won't have to wait for the sales representative to return to the office or remember to pass along the information. That's just one example. Imagine the many ways this type of automation could impact your business. Document management software has the ability to streamline workflows and increase productivity for most business processes.

Increased Productivity

With document management software your staff members won't have to track down information or shuffle papers in the search. Additionally, some documents can be created automatically and be passed along for approval. This gives them more time to devote to the things that can’t be automated and are truly vital to business success, such as interacting with customers.

Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

When your sales representatives can spend more time with customers and less with paper, you're bound to see an increase in sales. In addition, when support personnel have all of the paperwork they need and documents are prepared and waiting for them, they can get more done in a day, reducing the need for additional staffing. Such actions translate directly into increased profits.

Improved Morale

Chasing paper is frustrating; so is tracking down the people who owe you paperwork. By automating the flow of paper in your company, no one has to be the "bad guy" and your employees won’t lose productivity because they can't find the right file. This simple improvement will likely enhance your workers' outlook on their jobs, and possibly their relationships with one another.

Easier Collaboration

With documentation software, the entire team, regardless of location, has access to the same files, making working together and team building more successful.

Improved Accountability

With document management software there are no excuses, like lost paperwork or misfiled invoices. All documents are available online and their progress and document revision history can be easily tracked.

Better for the Environment

Document management software allows you to reduce the amount of printed documents needed in your office(s). Not only is this good for the environment, but can help reduce your print costs.


To see how easy and affordable it is to add document management software at your company, talk to a Document Management Specialist.

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