Myth Series #4: We Can Do It More Cost Effectively Ourselves [Video]

Posted by Trevor Akervik on August 3, 2018

In today’s DIY-centric world, it can be difficult to know which things are doable on your own and which ones are left to the experts. When it comes to businesses with in-house printing, leaving it to the experts might be just what they need. Watch as Pat Haney, Director of Major Accounts at Marco, disproves the myth that businesses can manage print more effectively on their own.


Experience Matters

Like you heard Pat say in the video, Marco has been “doing print” since the mid-1970s, and we’re able to leverage that experience to provide some of the highest levels of service possible. We have print industry experts, relationships with top vendors, over 200 print technicians and a total of 40 years of experience supporting the print environments of our customers. We’re able to leverage all of this expertise and access to resources into meeting the needs of our clients.

Effective Print Outsourcing

Print outsourcing is one of our core competencies. We do it exceptionally well, and we treat the needs of our clients with the utmost importance. We’ve had the opportunity to help our clients reduce the cost of their print environments time and time again. And if given the chance, we can probably do the same for you.

If you’re considering outsourcing print as a service, seek out a partner who’ll place a premium on customer service and give you the expertise and experience your print environment deserves.

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