Try Our New Tool and Find the Right Printer for Your Office

Posted by Terry Willis on January 10, 2018

Your printer is an important piece of office equipment. Each company, and each department within, uses printers differently. When a printer is malfunctioning, there’s pressure to either repair or replace it quickly because it's necessary for everyday office activities. A broken office printer interrupts business as usual, and requires a solution sooner rather than later.

Printers aren’t something you should just purchase on a whim, especially if you want them to be a long term solution that complements the way your office runs.

Introducing Our New Tool

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New Tool: Find the Right Printer

Try Our New Tool: Find the Right Printer for Your OfficeTo bring businesses and the right business technologies together, we've built a tool that will help narrow your search for your next printer or multifunction device. This tool recommends which printers will best meet the needs of your business or organization. It does this by collecting usage information with a series of six questions. Each answer narrows your search and helps you go down the right path toward purchasing a printer.

It only takes a minute or two to get through the questions and receive your recommendation. The information you’ll need to gather is:

  1. Do you need black and white or color capabilities (or both)
  2. Approximate pages you'll be printing per month
  3. Number of users printing on the device
  4. Paper sizes you need to print on
  5. Printer features needed (fax, staple, scan, etc.)
  6. Where your printer will be placed in your office (countertop, floor)

Using this tool can significantly narrow your office printer search, saving valuable time and resources. It’s our hope that this tool will ease your search for a new printer. Try it now:

Find the Right Printer for Your Business Use Our Interactive Flowchart