5 FAQs about the Different Types of Cloud Computing

If you're looking for the future of business technology, look to the cloud. Businesses that migrate to the cloud have an easier time with A LOT of today's technology-related frustrations, like...

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How to Calculate Cost-Per-Print and Reduce Printing Costs for Your Business

Unmanaged printing expenses can add up to be between 1-3 percent of an organization’s total revenue. And according to Keypoint Intelligence, 90 percent of companies fail to track their printing...

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4 Benefits of Telecom Services Most Businesses Want + A Look at Telecom Provider Options [Infographic]

For businesses, timely and reliable communication within the organization and with customers is a critical part of success. Telecommunication services, provided by a carrier or telecom provider,...

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Topics: Customer Relationships, Telecom, mobile, flexibility, Communication, telecommunication

Secure Printing can Keep Sensitive and Confidential Information Safe — Here's How

Medical records, employee salary details and termination paperwork are just a few examples of documents that are often printed on a shared printer, but contain information that should not be...

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Digital Video Surveillance: Peace of Mind — and More — for Your Business

Thousands of companies rely on video surveillance systems to monitor daily activity in and around their organizations. You might remember the original video surveillance systems. They consisted of...

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Marco’s New “Pay Per Device” Model and What It Means for Your Business

You may or may not have heard by now, but we’re introducing a new managed services pricing model for printing. Rest assured, the previous model we had in place isn’t going anywhere. In this blog,...

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How Often Do You Replace Old Office Desk Phones?

How often do you replace your cell phone? Nowadays, most people are going to get a new cell phone every one or two years. It’s at that point when a new version of their device is available, and...

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Inside Look: What to Expect from a Marco IT Audit

When was your last technology audit? If your answer is any combination of what’s that, I don’t know and a while ago, keep reading. When businesses don’t give their technology the time and...

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7 Ways to Your Business can Save on Printing Costs

These practical tips will help you lower overall print costs.

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Introducing Marco’s Per User, Per Device Pricing Model and What It Means for You

Here at Marco, business print services have been a part of our core offering for decades. And during that time, we’ve kept ourselves on the leading edge of the industry, combining new technologies...

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