Hosted IT vs. On-Premise IT vs. Hybrid IT – What’s the Difference?

The best way to store your organization's desktop apps and server infrastructure is not an open and shut case. Instead, it depends upon the specifics of your organization and what works best for...

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Topics: Managed IT Services

How Will Blockchain Affect Your Business?

Have you heard of blockchain? Whether or not you have, know this: Blockchain is here and it’s growing. In fact, one research firm projects that spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Future Technology, Technology

Today’s Audio Video Systems are More than Speakers and TVs

In recent years, we’ve had the pleasure to create some great audio video system updates for our clients. Audio video technology has come a long way in the last few years, and our clients are often...

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5 UCaaS Trends for Smart, Productive and Collaborative Workplaces

We typically think of communication as the words we speak and hear, but in reality, just about everything we do is a form of communication. From facial expressions and tone of voice to hand...

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Myth: “We Just Need a Printer + Copier Machine”

A lot of businesses tend to think they just need a printer or copier and that they can handle the rest, but there is a lot more to these machines than people think. In fact, when businesses keep...

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4 Myths about Sourcewell Cooperative Contracts

With how complex everything seems to be these days, we tend to get a little cautious when we happen upon a well-meaning organization claiming to have a way to bring simplicity to one or more areas...

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What are the Chances of Losing Information in Cloud Storage?

The cloud; it is the most popular buzzword in the world of technology today. Data integrity within cloud storage is perhaps the greatest concern that most people have, both personally and...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Data, Security, risk

Comparative Analysis: Marco vs Other Managed IT Providers

All managed IT providers most certainly aren’t created equal. The company you choose to partner with will have a significant impact on the experience you receive. While most, if not all, managed...

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Topics: managed IT

4 Reasons to Make the Switch to Outsourced IT Services

In recent years, it's become increasingly popular for organizations to switch from having their internal IT department handling 100 percent of the organization's needs to outsourcing their...

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What if Choosing Print Management Software could be Easy?

Finding the right print management software can be an opportunity to help your organization become more efficient. Even though there are many print management software programs out there, choosing...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, document management