The Benefits of Printer Repair and Replacement with Managed Print Services

Posted by Dan Larkin on March 20, 2018

The benefits of printer repair and replacement through managed print servicesManaged print services has been a popular topic lately as more and more companies realize its many benefits, such as workflow efficiencies, hard cost savings and ongoing return on investment. Today, we’ll focus specifically on the benefit of printer repair and replacement within the Managed Print Services (MPS) program.

Printer Fleet Management

Printer repair and replacement can be time-consuming and costly. But entering into an MPS program places this task in the hands of a managed print provider. Here’s a high-level overview of how this program is implemented:

  • Your MPS provider conducts an inventory of your current printing fleet - across all locations of your business.
  • A detailed print history from the current equipment is accessed.
  • Your provider will discuss and record your MPS program goals (which can be unique to each location).
  • Your print provider will provide any recommendations for equipment placement.
  • Based on the items above, your provider will highlight any inefficient printers to repair or replace. 
  • From this point onward, your MPS provider will maintain, support and manage your business print environment.

All equipment in the program will be remotely monitored using software installed on your network. This software can track multiple printing components including users, supply usage and the details related to each print job. It also tracks when a machine is experiencing technical issues and will automatically alert the provider. Often, issues are detected before anyone in your business even notices. Your provider may be able to repair the issue remotely, and if not, a service technician will be sent to make on-site repairs.

When Repair Isn’t Enough

Some routinely used printers eventually become unserviceable or the cost to repair the printer exceeds the value of the device. When this happens, your MPS provider will replace it with a comparable device – at no cost to you – even if the warranty on the device has expired. MPS keeps your entire print environment functioning at its best, and part of that is replacing equipment when the time is right. 

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