How to Convince Your Boss Managed IT is Right for Your Business

For most of us, it is impossible to imagine getting our jobs done without the Internet. While it's easy to take the complexity of today's business technology for granted, well-supported IT...

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Consider the Cost of Downtime and Protect Your Business 

There are two ways your business can operate in today’s technological climate: proactively and reactively. Most companies don’t need convincing that technological advancements are worth investing...

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3 Things to Know about the IT software lifecycle

People like to hang onto old software. They are comfortable with their software, they know how it works, they know the shortcuts and they don’t really want to change simply because “it’s new.”


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How's Your User Experience?

Think about the last time you called IT support. How did it go? How did it make you feel? In many cases, one of two emotions come to mind – frustration or gratitude.

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NJPA Contracts Help Mitel Dealers Help Government Entities

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) makes it possible for organizations to acquire the technology and services needed to remain competitive and effective. The typical process of procuring new...

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I Need Technology to Help Grow and Scale My Company: Managed IT Video

As businesses grow, their technology needs to scale and grow along with them. But with the increasing complexity of business technology, it can be difficult to know which options fit your specific...

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How Employees Can Protect You from a Cyber Attack

Security threats change every day. Are your employees ready to fight against them? It’s a question that’s often on my mind. Today, hackers do not hack systems; they hack people.

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Managed IT Statistics Today's Businesses Need to See

Some businesses realize the value of Managed IT through personal accounts and customer case studies, and others realize it when they learn about all of the support and features that come with it....

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4 Ways Business IT Services are Changing in 2017

IT Services as we know them are constantly advancing and evolving. Below I've included a few ways you're likely to see Business IT Services changing in 2017.

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We’re Building Factories. Should You?

We’re building factories. While that’s a sentence I never expected to say as Chief Technology Officer of Marco, it’s not what you think. I am not talking about the traditional bricks-and-mortar...

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