Prepping Your Workplace for Millennials: Desktop as a Service

Generation Y, known more commonly as the Millennial generation, are those who are born between 1982 and 2000. Today there are nearly 80 million Millennials in this country and chances are you have...

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Topics: Cloud, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, Desktop Virtualization, Technology Trends

5 Business Objectives Achieved Through Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools enable and empower your employees to do some amazing things. Take a look at five business goals supported by employees putting collaboration tools to use:

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Topics: Office Technology, Customer Relationships, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, productivity, cost savings

3 Key Scenarios to Stop and Consider Your Network and Computer Security

Though network and computer security will always be on your mind, there are certain events or circumstances that should raise a flag, causing you to pause and make sure this security is a top...

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Topics: Cloud, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, Security, Cisco, Network Security

A Guide to Transition to Mobile Classrooms

Classrooms are changing rapidly as they integrate today’s technology into their curriculum. Rather than handing out textbooks, some school districts are handing out tablets for students to use....

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Topics: BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, Mobile Devices, Education, Future Technology, Integrating

How Schools Can Benefit from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs

As mobile computing devices increasingly permeate society, schools and education systems have a unique opportunity to help their students capitalize on the benefit of these devices. Today,...

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Topics: BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, Education, Technology, Integrating

It's Time to Weigh the Pros and Cons of Using Tablets for Business

You may have heard that tech giants Apple and IBM have decided to team up to develop more than 100 business applications that will be compatible with the iOS operating system. As stated on USA...

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