Compare Your Purchasing Process: RFP vs. Cooperative Contracts

The original intent for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process made sense. As part of the procurement process for state agencies, schools and non-profits, RFPs provided a clear way to find out...

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Topics: NJPA Contracts, Mitel Dealers, Education, Nonprofit, Efficiency, Contract Confusion

What You Need to Know about a Sourcewell Membership

Sourcwell aims to simplify the purchasing and procurement process - and they do it through offering cooperative contracts to their members. The cost savings and stress-free nature of Sourcewell...

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Topics: NJPA Contracts, Education, Government, Contract Confusion, Nonprofit

11 Easy Steps From Sourcewell Membership to Satisfied Competitive Solicitation

As a school district administrator or city purchasing official, you are likely familiar with the request-for-proposal (RFP) process. For quite some time, it's been an unskippable hurdle for...

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Topics: Mitel Dealers, NJPA Contracts, flexibility, Education, Government, Contract Confusion, Nonprofit

When You Should Start Thinking About Switching Telecom Services

When you think about switching telecom services, it’s not a small decision. You will probably need to read the fine print on documents that you may have chosen to ignore up to this point. It will...

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