Choosing Print Management Software can be Easy

Finding the right print management software can be an opportunity to help your organization become more efficient. Even though there are many print management software programs out there, choosing...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Document Management

5 Tips & Document Management Best Practices

There is a lesson in the words, “a poor craftsman blames his tools” when it comes to document management best practices. The best document management system can do a lot for a company's ability to...

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Topics: Document Management

File Folder Flaws: Document Management Software is a Game-Changer

When companies make transition from paper file management to digital storage, most believe their file problems will be solved. After all, you only need to create a few top folders with appropriate...

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Topics: Data, Document Management, Storage

5 Tips for Organizing File Folders on Your Network Servers

While electronic filing of documents can solve the frustrations and storage space issues associated with filing cabinets, they do come with their own challenges. The primary challenge being...

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6 Changes EMR Software Creates for Print Environments

Your EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software is the backbone of your practice. We get it. We also understand the implications it can have on your print environment, and how to adjust to them so...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Healthcare, Document Management, Upgrading

Need Secure File Sharing for Business? There's an App for That!

Mobility is king in the current business climate. Your employees, from the sales team up to the CEO, want and need access to software, collaboration tools and files whether they're at their desk...

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Topics: Security, Document Management, Cisco, file sharing, B2B

4 Critical, Yet Simple, Document Management Best Practices

For decades, offices have accumulated massive file cabinets and storage rooms full of boxes with paper documentation. Everything from employee forms to report data was printed out, labeled and...

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The 4 Biggest Benefits of Document Management Workflow

Document management, security and control are critical in maintaining an organized filing system. Document management workflow software programs help your company exercise greater control over the...

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Time Saving Document Management Best Practices: Templates & Workflows

Nearly 70% of documents are copied or recreated. Essentially, every third file you click on is a duplicate or variation of another file. So, when your employees are searching for documents to pass...

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Topics: Efficiency, Security, Document Management, productivity

How To Simplify Invoice Processing with a Document Management Workflow

Invoices can easily get lost in the paper shuffle or buried in email inboxes; and the biggest problem related to these issues is that there is no accountability. Traditionally, as soon as an...

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