Get Your Next Phone System Faster + More Affordable with a Cooperative Contract

The purchasing process for government, education and healthcare organizations is not always easy or efficient. It often involves the complexities of the RFP process, followed by the equally...

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Struggling to Keep Remote Employees Connected? A Mitel Phone System can Help

Keeping remote employees connected without hurting collaboration or lowering productivity can be a struggle for today's businesses. Luckily, technologies that allow employees to work from outside...

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Which Business Phone Solution is Right for My Government Agency?

Government agencies face difficult management and administrative tasks on a daily basis. And when it comes to a service like telephone communication, the solution is often anything but basic. This...

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You Can Upgrade Your Organization's Phone Systems and Stay on Budget

Due to strict budgets and competitive solicitation guidelines, government agencies, school systems and nonprofit organizations often run into struggles and frustrations when updating their...

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5 Problems with the RFP Process & Why You Should Consider an NJPA Contract

When you manage purchasing for a government agency or school system, the RFP process can tie you up and slow things down. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more complex exercise than assembling an...

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NJPA Cooperative Contracts vs. RFPs: Process Comparison [Infographic]

The budget year is coming to an end, and your business needs to upgrade its telecommunication systems. There are two choices when it comes to making a purchase: the standard Request for Proposal...

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Getting the Phone System You Need with NJPA Contracts [Slideshare]

If you are responsible for upgrading or replacing the phone system for an education, healthcare, government or nonprofit agency, this blog is for you.

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What You Need to Know about National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Membership

National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) aims to simplify the purchasing and procurement process - and they do it through offering cooperative contracts to their members. The cost savings and...

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Buy a Business Phone System in Two Steps with Cooperative Contracts

The request for proposal, or RFP, process probably feels like a thorn in the side for most purchasing managers and administrators. When it comes time for entities like school districts,...

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4 Ways NJPA Contracts Help Schools, Government Agencies and Nonprofits

It can be difficult for any organization to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, especially considering the expense typically associated with doing so. 

Not-for-profit organizations are met...

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