What You Need to Know about a Sourcewell Membership

Sourcwell aims to simplify the purchasing and procurement process - and they do it through offering cooperative contracts to their members. The cost savings and stress-free nature of Sourcewell...

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Topics: Education, Nonprofit, Contract Confusion, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Buy a Business Phone System in Two Steps with Cooperative Contracts

The request for proposal, or RFP, process probably feels like a thorn in the side for most purchasing managers and administrators. When it comes time for entities like school districts,...

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Simplify Your Competitive Solicitations Process | with Sourcewell’s Dave Duhn

You’re likely here for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. You’re frustrated with your organization’s competitive solicitations process and requirements (and potentially looking for alternative solutions).
  2. You’ve...
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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

11 Easy Steps From Sourcewell Membership to Satisfied Competitive Solicitation

As a school district administrator or city purchasing official, you are likely familiar with the request-for-proposal (RFP) process. For quite some time, it's been an unskippable hurdle for...

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Topics: Education, Mitel Dealers, Nonprofit, Contract Confusion, flexibility, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Office Productivity Linked to Business Communication Inefficiencies

Have you ever wondered how your employees spend their time while “on the clock”? I would say “in the office”, but today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before – so "in the office" could be at...

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Topics: Education, Phone Systems, Business Services, Unified Communication, Nonprofit, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Tax-Exempt Financing for Mitel Phone Purchases through Sourcewell

For organizations that have recently considered upgrading to a new Mitel phone system (or any phone system for that matter), the cost of purchasing equipment can pose a significant hurdle to...

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Topics: Office Supplies, Education, Phone Systems, Mitel Dealers, Budget, Government, Sourcewell Contracts

Case Study: Why Printer Location Matters for Efficiency and Workflow

In order for most companies to operate efficiently on a daily basis, employees need reliable access to printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners. While some businesses may opt to provide each...

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Topics: General Printing Advice, Efficiency, Copiers & Printers, Case Study, Government