Make Your Clinic or Hospital’s Phone System Frustrations a Thing of the Past

Communication is vital in the field of healthcare. Not only is it important to connect reliably with fellow practitioners when treating patients, it is also crucial to have an open line of...

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Topics: Phone Systems, Healthcare, Technology, Sourcewell Contracts

6 Changes EMR Software Creates for Print Environments

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software is the backbone of many practices, and this technology has implications for a practice's print environment. Understanding those implications and knowing...

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Get Your Next Phone System Faster + More Affordable with a Cooperative Contract

The purchasing process for government, education and healthcare organizations is not always easy or efficient. It often involves the complexities of the RFP process, followed by the equally...

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Topics: Mitel Dealers, Government, Healthcare, Education, Phone Systems, cost savings

The Business of Saving Lives: Managed Print Services for Healthcare

Businesses in nearly every industry consider meeting their IT needs to be a life and death situation. And when it comes to the livelihood of those organizations, a streamlined, efficient and...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Healthcare, cost savings, Efficiency

Getting the Phone System You Need with SOURCEWELL Contracts [Slideshare]

If you are responsible for upgrading or replacing the phone system for an education, healthcare, government or nonprofit agency, this blog is for you.

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Topics: Phone Systems, Education, Healthcare, Government, Nonprofit, Upgrading, Technology, Sourcewell Contracts

An Alternative to Request for Proposals: Cooperative Contracts

As a school system, government agency or nonprofit healthcare system, your organization has two options for purchasing technology:

  1. Request for Proposal
  2. Cooperative Contract

Both will get you to...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Healthcare, Sourcewell Contracts

How Construction Benefits from Color Printing on Wide Format Printers

Color printing is standard in marketing, advertising, healthcare, education and entertainment. These industries have clear-cut rationale for full-color printing, and its popularity and benefits...

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Topics: wide format printers, General Printing Advice, Healthcare, Education, Communication, Profitability

CentraCare Saves $400,000+ Annually Thanks to Managed Print Services

The proof is in the numbers – but CentraCare had to see it to believe it. In the beginning, we were only supplying copiers for their hospitals; through this we could tell that they lacked...

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4 Tips to Ensure a HIPAA Compliant Print Environment

Healthcare print environments are unique in a number of ways – but one of the biggest is due to HIPAA regulations. The “accountability” portion of the HIPAA legislation requires the secure and...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Healthcare, Security

Case Study: How Healthcare Benefits from Managed Print Services

Although benefits will differ from one industry to the next, any business that operates a fleet of printers can enjoy the numerous benefits of managed print services. In the following case study,...

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