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3 Types of Cloud Computing Explained [Video]

Cloud computing gives unprecedented access and options to businesses of all sizes. Before you make the move, take a moment to understand the different types of cloud computing available. This will...

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5 Assets You Need to Understand Cloud Computing Basics, and Beyond

What questions do you have about cloud computing? From cloud computing basics to the advanced details about your infrastructure, we have the resources you need to learn everything you’ve ever...

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Cloud Based Video Conferencing, Hosted Voice and Data Services

Cloud computing is all about connection. Connecting with employees, clients, data and other business applications. Here are some cloud computing services you should keep in mind as you consider...

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8 Pros and Cons for the 3 Types of Cloud Computing

By now, cloud computing is a term that has made its way into everyday business IT discussions. An appropriate cloud computing strategy that fits your day-to-day operations, as well as long-term...

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How to Select the Best Cloud Computing Provider from a Crowded Field

The concept of cloud computing began as a buzzword just a few years ago, but has now become an accepted industry technology that has resulted in drastic changes to the IT infrastructure of...

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The Web Hosting Dilemma: Cloud vs Hosted vs Managed

There’s no shortage of hosting options on the market today. Some of the most commonly compared options include cloud, hosted and managed solutions. Then, to make things even more complex, hybrid...

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Workstations in the Cloud: Imagine an Office without Computers

The dreams of yesterday are the reality of tomorrow. People dreamt about being able to communicate over long distances instantaneously, and the phone created that reality. Others dreamt about...

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