What is HyperConvergence and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

While you may have heard it referred to as "hyperconverged infrastructure" or "HyperConvergence", this new method of data center management is experiencing significant attention in the IT world....

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Topics: Data, Hyperconnectivity, Business Services, Enterprise

Notes from the Field: tips for Technology Troubleshooting

When I’m not training to stay ahead of the latest trends in technology, I’m out in the field problem solving. As a consulting engineer on a lot of projects, I’m seen as the expert, but somedays I...

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Topics: Cloud, Practice, Hyperconnectivity, Technology, Business IT

How Hyperconnectivity Impacts Your Business

For the first time, all of our devices and information can be connected in real-time. Whether I am on my phone, iPad or laptop, I now have automatic – and real-time access – to my files, apps and...

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Topics: Business Rules, Hyperconnectivity