You Can Choose a Mitel Phone System on a School-System Budget - Here's How

One of the toughest balancing acts for decision makers in the education field is the task of upgrading technology throughout the district, while staying within budget and meeting the purchasing...

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Struggling to Keep Remote Employees Connected? A Mitel Phone System can Help

Keeping remote employees connected without hurting collaboration or lowering productivity can be a struggle for today's businesses. Luckily, technologies that allow employees to work from outside...

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Unified Communications: 4 Things You Need to Know About UCaaS

Einstein tried to define a unified field theory of everything, but didn’t quite make it. Fortunately, a unified communications approach, however, is much easier to achieve - and it’s becoming a...

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Effective Communication: 3 Ways to Avoid ‘We’ve Always Done it That Way’

When things go wrong or conflicts arise among coworkers, it’s easy to label it a “communication problem” and leave it at that. Often, however, labeling is less than useful, because solving...

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Industries Reshaping Consumer Experiences with Aruba Networks

Attending a professional football game includes a long list of positives: the roar of the crowd, contagious excitement and in-your-face action. Finding yourself swept up and enveloped in the sheer...

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GARTNER STUDY: CIOs Need to Prioritize Building Digital Platforms in 2016

Each new year brings new challenges for businesses, and that is particularly true of IT platforms and infrastructure. Technology advances rapidly, and in order for your business to keep up, it is...

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Case Study: How Healthcare Benefits from Managed Print Services

Although benefits will differ from one industry to the next, any business that operates a fleet of printers can enjoy the numerous benefits of managed print services. In the following case study,...

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The Future of Telecom Carrier Services

Telecom services make reliable, efficient and timely communication with customers and clients of your organization possible. From the phone to Internet access and many things in between, telecom...

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A Guide to Transition to Mobile Classrooms

Classrooms are changing rapidly as they integrate today’s technology into their curriculum. Rather than handing out textbooks, some school districts are handing out tablets for students to use....

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3 Key Savings a Telecom Services Provider Can Offer Your Business

There are three different categories of savings that a telecom services provider can offer your business. Weigh each category carefully before choosing the telecom services that are right for you.

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