Why Communication Silos Are the Ultimate Business Growing Pain

How to get your people talking

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Topics: Leadership, Culture, UCaaS, Poor Communication

We've Got the Industry's Best Cisco Certified Network Professionals

Technology service providers rely upon strong partnerships with vendors to provide clients with the products, services and support necessary to operate their devices effectively. One of Marco’s...

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Topics: Leadership

Does Your Business Have an IT Disaster Recovery Plan?

You're sitting in your office, checking your email, sorting through papers – a normal day –until you notice smoke curling under the door. Shortly after the fire alarm goes off. Everyone rushes...

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Topics: Leadership, Lessons, Managed IT Services, Disaster, Backup

How Businesses Survive a Disaster: Prepare for the What If

Does your organization have a business continuity and disaster recovery plan? It’s a question that every organization – no matter its size – should be asking itself right now in light of Hurricane...

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Topics: Leadership, Disaster

Video Conferencing: Web-Based or Integrated Rooms?

Video conferencing is allowing workers to connect more in real-time and spend less time behind the windshield (a big deal for me personally). Marco has invested a significant amount of dollars in...

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Topics: Leadership, Audio/Video

Hiring, Retaining, and Paying Gen Y

When an industry colleague of mine was recently asked how his company was able to grow from 3 employees in 2006 to 62 last year, his response was Gen Y professionals. It was the ‘build it and they...

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Topics: Leadership, Hiring, Pay, Generational Differences