Free Communication Tools Aren't Always Free: A UCaas Workaround

We all love free apps and communication tools that make our lives easier. We use them as consumers, and we use them from home, but when you bring those same tools to your work setting, it can be...

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4 Reasons NOT to Implement a Wireless Solution

In order to compete in a mobile world, businesses are pressed to adopt wireless technology to make life easier. I know what you are thinking… making the change to a wireless network sounds...

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A Guide to Transition to Mobile Classrooms

Classrooms are changing rapidly as they integrate today’s technology into their curriculum. Rather than handing out textbooks, some school districts are handing out tablets for students to use....

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4 Advantages Cisco's Video Conferencing Systems Provide Businesses

The best business meetings happen face-to-face. You have the opportunity to read body language, hear voices and truly grasp the meaning and “personality” of the meeting. But due to travel costs and...

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What is MS Lync and How Could My Employees Utilize It?

For more than two decades now, Microsoft has dominated the landscape when it comes to business software. Windows OS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint; you name it, Microsoft makes it. Lync is...

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It's Time to Weigh the Pros and Cons of Using Tablets for Business

You may have heard that tech giants Apple and IBM have decided to team up to develop more than 100 business applications that will be compatible with the iOS operating system. As stated on USA...

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Why You Should Have a Mobile Sales Team

In today’s world, it is vital for businesses to understand that customers aren't always buying from you because of your product; they're buying because of a relationship. You aren’t the only...

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6 Useful Cloud Collaboration Tools for Business

Cloud computing is here to stay and will only grow in importance to businesses in the coming years. The reason for cloud computing’s strong impact on the business world is not necessarily its cost...

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