8 Pros and Cons for the 3 Types of Cloud Computing

By now, cloud computing is a term that has made its way into everyday business IT discussions. An appropriate cloud computing strategy that fits your day-to-day operations, as well as long-term...

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Topics: Cloud, Upgrading, Security, PaaS/Platform as a service, expenses

What Role Do Technology Providers Play in Cloud Computing?

Not long ago, cloud computing was little more than a buzzword. The concept of the cloud has existed for at least two decades, though the ability of technology to fully support cloud computing has...

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Topics: Cloud, PaaS/Platform as a service, Saas/Software as a service, IT infastructure

The Top Cloud Computing Terms You Absolutely Must Know

Cloud computing allows for infinite scalability, lower expenses and unprecedented mobility. Essentially, when you work through the cloud, you have access to a virtual desktop at any given moment,...

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