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Strategies for Optimizing The ROI of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services, or MPS, takes the ongoing management and maintenance of your printer fleet off of your company’s shoulders and places it in the hands of an experienced print provider. With...

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Discover the True Cost of Your Retail Printers with MPS

In many businesses and areas of industry, overall print costs are relatively unknown. And it’s been my experience that if you’re unaware of how much you’re spending on something, you’re probably...

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Q3 is Ending; Will You Know Your Annual Print Expenses?

A clear, airtight budget used to be something to strive for, but now it’s an expectation. The overall tightening of business budgets is happening across industries, with every line item requiring...

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Managed Print Services in the Law Firm: A Cross Examination

Employees at law firms are accustomed to asking hard questions, questions that might not be comfortable. In court, this often means the cross examination of a witness. In your firm, are you ready...

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3 Common Mistakes When Calculating the Cost of IT Services

One of the keys to running a successful business is understanding and managing your expenses. Knowing where dollars are being spent and allocating funds properly allows you to manage your...

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3 Options for Investing in a Wide Format Digital Printer

When it comes to purchasing a new wide format digital printer for your business, there are a lot of options emerging in the marketplace. It has always been possible to simply buy a new device, but...

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How to Track Your Prints on a Wide Format Printer

If you're going to effectively control the printing costs in your business, you need to have more than just rules governing use of the wide format printer that you and your employees use. Before...

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Reduce Your Printing Costs by Defining and Configuring Print Policies

Did you know … the average document printed is copied about 19 times?

Did you know … in an education environment, 45% of all print jobs are thrown away the very same day. AND, 80% of pages are...

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When and Why You Should Ban Personal Printers in Your Office

There's a case to be made for providing employees a dedicated printer if they have a reasonable need. For example, running down the hall to print off all the documents for the already complicated...

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4 Simple Ways to Manage Your Printer Costs

As a business owner, managing costs is always a top priority. Some of the most manageable, but most forgotten costs, are those related to your print fleet. Here are four simple ways to better...

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