4 Ways Business Technology Can M:Power Organizations

In the same way no two organizations are the same, the technologies which lead organizations to success also vary. What I mean is, business technology works differently for individual...

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Topics: Culture, Change, Efficiency, productivity, Knowing Which Option is Best

5 Business Objectives Achieved Through Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools enable and empower your employees to do some amazing things. Take a look at five business goals supported by employees putting collaboration tools to use:

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Topics: Office Technology, Customer Relationships, BYOD / Bring Your Own Device, productivity, cost savings

4 Reasons to Outsource IT Help Desk Services

A chief concern for every business is the efficiency in which its employees are completing their day-to-day tasks. No matter how large or small your company is, it will never be able to operate at...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Efficiency, productivity, flexibility, cost savings

Is Instant Messaging Right for Your Business?

Although instant messaging was initially viewed as a communication tool for personal activities, it has begun to infiltrate business environments everywhere. Employees can make use of instant...

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Topics: Office Technology, Business IT, productivity, instant messaging

Our Managed Print Services Are Now Available for Members of SOURCEWELL

As the National Joint Powers Alliance (Sourcewell) selected vendor, Marco is proud to offer its managed print services (MPS) to Sourcewell members nationwide.

What Does this Mean for Sourcewell...

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Topics: Managed Print Services, Education, productivity, cost savings, Sourcewell Contracts

Time Saving Document Management Best Practices: Templates & Workflows

Nearly 70% of documents are copied or recreated. Essentially, every third file you click on is a duplicate or variation of another file. So, when your employees are searching for documents to pass...

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Topics: Efficiency, Security, document management, productivity

3 Reasons Tape Backups Aren't the Best Solution for Your Business

The first tape was developed in 1951. The DDS3 and the SDLT are more recent tape backup technologies on the market, but even these tapes have been around for a little more than 10 years. The...

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Topics: Good Business, Backup, productivity, cost savings, risk

What Is A Virtual Server and How Can It Save My Business Money?

Companies everywhere are realizing significant cost savings and improved flexibility through the virtualization of IT infrastructure and the Software Defined Data Center. One of the essential...

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Topics: Backup, Servers, productivity, cost savings

How to Identify and Improve Your Document Management Workflow

Document management solutions are designed to provide your company with better business management and organization capabilities. Implementing a document management solution offers your company a...

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Topics: Paper, Financial, Efficiency, Security, document management, Integrating, productivity, accessibility