3 Ways Software for Copiers and Printers supports Efficiency

How often does the discussion about improving office efficiency include printer and copier software solutions? My best guess would be never or rarely. Even among IT professionals, copiers and...

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Topics: Copiers & Printers, Saas/Software as a service

What Role Do Technology Providers Play in Cloud Computing?

Not long ago, cloud computing was little more than a buzzword. The concept of the cloud has existed for at least two decades, though the ability of technology to fully support cloud computing has...

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Topics: Cloud, PaaS/Platform as a service, Saas/Software as a service, IT infastructure

How Cloud Software as a Service Can Solve Your Licensing Problems

Software licensing is a huge expense for most small businesses. It isn’t uncommon for software licenses to cost hundreds of dollars, each. For example, each Microsoft Office license can cost in...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Saas/Software as a service, Upgrading