File Folder Flaws: Document Management Software is a Game-Changer

When companies make transition from paper file management to digital storage, most believe their file problems will be solved. After all, you only need to create a few top folders with appropriate...

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Topics: Data, document management, Storage

Google Drive vs Dropbox: How These Cloud Storage Services Stack Up

Major tech companies are battling to provide consumers and business clients with the best cloud storage services available. There are a myriad of cloud storage options available from massive,...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Cloud, Dropbox, Storage

The Top Cloud Computing Terms You Absolutely Must Know

Cloud computing allows for infinite scalability, lower expenses and unprecedented mobility. Essentially, when you work through the cloud, you have access to a virtual desktop at any given moment,...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Learning, Education, Bandwidth, Backup, Cloud Migration, Storage, PaaS/Platform as a service