How Can Business Continue After a Disaster?

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, questions have been raised about the potential for a business to continue after a disaster. Is it even possible? Yes.

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Topics: Disaster, Backup, Strategic Planning

How Employees Can Protect You from a Cyber Attack

Security threats change every day. Are your employees ready to fight against them? It’s a question that’s often on my mind. Today, hackers do not hack systems; they hack people.

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Topics: Security, Strategic Planning, Business IT, Network Security

Where Are You On the Technology Curve?

My job is to stay ahead of the technology curve. That used to mean looking out three to five years – or even 10 years when I first started my career. Today, we expect some technology to be...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology, Strategic Planning

4 Business Phone System Headaches You want to Avoid

The telephone might seem antiquated with mobile phones, chat systems and video conferencing tools available, but there will always be a need to pick up the phone and directly connect with someone...

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Topics: Phone Systems, Strategic Planning, managed voice, Upgrading

Protect Your Business with Recorded Customer Service Calls

It's important for any business regardless of industry to focus on two areas if they’re committed to growth and success: customer retention and superior service. While there are a few different...

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Topics: Customer Relationships, Managed Services, Phone Systems, Strategic Planning

Cloud Service Basics: A Guide to Our New Tech-As-A-Service World

Even with so much talk about the cloud, it's hard to find a simple explanation of what the cloud actually is, or what benefits your organization can achieve through cloud computing. "The cloud" is...

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Topics: Office Technology, Cloud Services, Cloud, Strategic Planning

5 Issues Telecom Carrier Consulting Can Solve

If there is a problem your business faces that is beyond the knowledge and skill of an in-house IT employee, it’s time to turn to a consultant with the experience and knowledge to help your...

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Topics: Cloud, Consultants, Carrier Services, Bandwidth, Telecom, Technology, Strategic Planning, cost savings

The Future of Telecom Carrier Services

Telecom services make reliable, efficient and timely communication with customers and clients of your organization possible. From the phone to Internet access and many things in between, telecom...

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Topics: Change, Carrier Services, Bandwidth, Telecom, Future Technology, Strategic Planning, Integrating, cost savings

Why Mapping Your Office Copy Machines and Print Devices is Important

The physical layout of any office space is never random. Every cubicle, coffee machine, bathroom and executive office is, ideally, placed with purpose. Creating an efficient environment for your...

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Topics: Executing, Strategic Planning, Business IT, Copiers & Printers

Do You Need a CIO or vCIO? | Small Business IT Solutions

As most people know, CIO is an acronym for Chief Information Officer. But, this is where the common knowledge ends, generally speaking. Most people working in non-technology industries understand...

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Topics: Small Businesses, CIO, Future Technology, Strategic Planning, Business IT