Top 5 Tech Trends for 2018

In my job, I am routinely asked to look out into the future to predict what technology trends will impact businesses so they can be better prepared. The effect of technology on business operations...

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Industries Reshaping Consumer Experiences with Aruba Networks

Attending a professional football game includes a long list of positives: the roar of the crowd, contagious excitement and in-your-face action. Finding yourself swept up and enveloped in the sheer...

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GARTNER STUDY: CIOs Need to Prioritize Building Digital Platforms in 2016

Each new year brings new challenges for businesses, and that is particularly true of IT platforms and infrastructure. Technology advances rapidly, and in order for your business to keep up, it is...

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Prepping Your Workplace for Millennials: Desktop as a Service

Generation Y, known more commonly as the Millennial generation, are those who are born between 1982 and 2000. Today there are nearly 80 million Millennials in this country and chances are you have...

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Vital Industry Trends that Led to Today's Business Technology Solutions

Today Marco is a industry leading technology company, but we began as a small typewriter dealer. The Typewriter Shop was founded in 1930, by M.J. Dabol, and became the St. Cloud based company,...

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3 Key Savings a Telecom Services Provider Can Offer Your Business

There are three different categories of savings that a telecom services provider can offer your business. Weigh each category carefully before choosing the telecom services that are right for you.

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Best Tech Gifts, According to Your Technology Service Providers

Christmas is only 3 days away – what are you hoping is wrapped under the tree? It is becoming increasingly common for people to give and receive some element of technology in gifts today. Maybe...

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12 Days of Christmas - Business Technology Services Style

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas in our personal lives, we thought we’d do the same at work. We’ve replaced the lyrics in one of the oldest and most popular Christmas Carols, The Twelve Days...

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How VoIP Answers the Call for Information Security

All methods of communication within businesses should be secure, including voice communication. The increased adoption of technology and communication channels has not come without questions and...

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