Top 5 Tech Trends for 2018

In my job, I am routinely asked to look out into the future to predict what technology trends will impact businesses so they can be better prepared. The effect of technology on business operations...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology

Does Your Voice Assistant Get You?

Are you one of the millions who received a voice assistant last year? I’m not even talking about the voice assistants built into your smartphone. We are moving toward a voice-activated world. Why...

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Topics: Voice, Technology Trends, Future Technology

Top Tech Toys for Grownups

If you’ve opened a toy guide for the 2017 season, you’ve likely seen the technology takeover of toys. I remember getting plastic or balsa wood models as a kid and how cool the first, really...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology

Techie, Which Career Path is Right for You?

Tech jobs are multiplying nationwide, up 7.3 million from last year. The strong majority of those jobs (6.9 million) are at technology companies – like Marco – but a growing number also are within...

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5 Smart Marketing Moves

What’s the best marketing pitch you’ve received lately? I bet it did not feel like a pitch at all. I prefer to not feel like I am being sold to – or sold out – when someone’s marketing to me. 

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How Technology Shifts Change Us

As Chief Technology Officer, I have helped provide the strategic direction of the technology and related services that Marco provides. In recent years, that role has become more demanding due to...

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Topics: Cloud Services, Managed Services, Technology Trends, Cloud Migration

5 Tech Trends That Will Impact Business in 2017

I’m often asked to pull out a crystal ball and talk about where technology is going. Preparing for the future and identifying the right technology for it is a main role I play as Chief Technology...

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Where Are You On the Technology Curve?

My job is to stay ahead of the technology curve. That used to mean looking out three to five years – or even 10 years when I first started my career. Today, we expect some technology to be...

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Topics: Technology Trends, Future Technology, Strategic Planning

New Technology Helps Reduce IT Waste and Improve Client Care

Most managed IT service client care teams focus on response time and time to resolve a ticket. They want to help solve the problem as fast as possible. At Marco, we’ve spent a great deal of time...

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Topics: Managed IT Services, Technology Trends, Help Desk

Tech Terms Leaders Should Know

The amount of technology terms that have become common language continues to amaze me. From bandwidth and 4K to cloud and cookie, we often rattle off terms as if everyone knows exactly what we’re...

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