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The Top 5 Audio Video System Features Offered for Businesses in 2017

Technologies evolve and develop at different paces. Over the past few years, audio video system features have come a long way. Some technologies considered cutting edge even three or five years...

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4 Advancements Expanding Video Beyond Surveillance

We all have a similar view of video surveillance: a guy sitting in a room full of monitors, bored, watching entrances and back doors and hallways. The very idea of video surveillance has changed...

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From spreadsheet to screen: How board rooms are getting better

There used to be rules about what you should and shouldn’t put up on screen when you are doing a presentation. First and foremost among them is: don’t just read what's on the screen. That one is...

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Videoconferencing is becoming mainstream: Are you ready?

In the early days of videoconferencing, it was a 'cool', new technology used by very large companies. Then the iPhone introduced FaceTime, and not long after people began using tools like Skype....

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3 Myths about investing in a digital video surveillance System

The reality of digital video surveillance is exciting. But, likely doesn't quite match the picture you've built from how it is often portrayed. Think of your favorite crime television show, maybe ...

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Today's Audio Video Systems are Much More than Speakers and TVs - Part 2

Last week, I shared two of our customized A/V systems from the past year, and today I have three more examples of updating outdated audio video systems. If you haven’t already, check out Part 1.

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The Best Video Conferencing Options Just for You - [Comparison Guide]

Because the face of the marketplace is changing, so are the landscapes people conduct their business. Arguably, employees can work mobile or remotely from nearly anywhere. Corporate headquarters....

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Invest in Video Conferencing Equipment or Use Web-Based Options?

This post originally appeared on our CTO Insider blog, and was written by our Chief Technology Officer Steve Knutson. For more articles like this, subscribe to that blog.

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For Peace of Mind, Nothing Beats a Digital Video Surveillance System

Thousands of companies rely upon video surveillance systems to monitor daily activity in and around their organizations. The original video surveillance systems consisted of large, clunky cameras...

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Cloud Based Video Conferencing, Hosted Voice and Data Services

Cloud computing is all about connection. Connecting with employees, clients, data and other business applications. Here are some cloud computing services you should keep in mind as you consider...

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