How Could A Wide-Format Printer Benefit Your Business?

The benefit of wide format printers has increased significantly in recent years. Standard printers provide companies with the ability to produce documents, prepare business presentation materials...

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3 Reasons to Update Your Wide Format Printer

Deciding when to update and what factors should play into the choice to update your wide format printer can be difficult. If you take the following three benefits into account, you'll develop a...

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HP Pagewide XL wide format printer: Did it live up to 2016 expectations?

A little less than a year ago we compared the new Pagewide XL from Hewlett Packard to Iron Man. These machines brought amazing technology that changed the way we thought about wide format...

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Hitting the wall: 5 Design Trends Using Large Format Printers

In most cases, hitting the wall is a bad thing. But for designers and other professions (architecture, construction, etc.), hitting the wall with large format print jobs is taking off....

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6 Problems a New Wide Format Printer Solves

Determining when the time is right to update your office technology isn’t always black and white. We depend on business technology to be there when we need it, to help us accomplish tasks and to...

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How Construction Benefits from Color Printing on Wide Format Printers

Color printing is standard in marketing, advertising, healthcare, education and entertainment. These industries have clear-cut rationale for full-color printing, and its popularity and benefits...

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The Latest HP Wide Format Printer is More Iron Man than Printer

With a keen sense for business and the intellect to invent a wide range of sophisticated printing devices, HP has released a new line of wide format printers that are redefining productivity,...

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Remember the 5 W’s When Considering a New/Updated Wide Format Printer

The 5 Ws (and 1 H) are a fundamental lesson we’re taught early on in our formal education – and it’s usually related to research or writing. The thought behind it is, if you can answer each of...

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5 Reasons to Wait to Buy Your Next Wide Format Printer

Technology is a wonderful thing, and businesses rely on various pieces of equipment to complete daily tasks. To remain reliable and efficient, which keeps your business competitive in the...

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3 Options for Investing in a Wide Format Digital Printer

When it comes to purchasing a new wide format digital printer for your business, there are a lot of options emerging in the marketplace. It has always been possible to simply buy a new device, but...

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