You Trust Money to a Financial Advisor; Trust Marco with Copier & Print Services

Posted by Dan Larkin on May 10, 2018

Who handles your business financials? Is it an internal employee who’s really good at spreadsheets and took a finance elective in college? Probably not. It’s more likely that you entrust your financials to a financial advisor – someone who is an expert at managing dollars and who has made a business out of helping lots of other businesses manage their financials as well.

You Trust Money to a Financial Advisor; Trust Marco with Copier & Print ServicesAnd it’s a smart choice to do so. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business owner who doesn’t recognize the importance of having that segment managed in that way. But I wonder why other areas of business are less likely to be considered that way.

Take, for instance, print. Business printing and document costs have been shown to eat up between 5-15% of the average business’s annual revenue. That’s a percentage that’s worth taking seriously. And yet, print management outsourcing doesn’t quite make sense to some of today’s companies. Here’s what I think it’s important for them to know…

A Print Outsourcing Company Brings Expertise

Similar to how working with a financial advisor ensures you’re working with an expert who has your best interest in mind, working with Marco for print management also puts your business’s best interest as a primary focus. We’re looking out to save our clients time and money while helping them avoid any minor or major frustrations associated with managing their print environment.

If any industry understands expertise, it’s finance. Here’s a case study of a finance corporation successfully outsourcing their print services to Marco.

Because print is our area of business expertise, Marco invests in top-of-the-line software tools and platforms that provide visibility into the print environments of our customers. This allows us to monitor specific segments that are related to your business goals and automate processes that many businesses still handle manually (like toner replacement).

Outsourcing Print Services is Cost Effective

When you have your print environment managed by a qualified print provider, you have a team of people managing your print environment whose job is just that – managing your print environment. This means that your internal employees are not pulled away from their work in order to deal with printer-related issues. This alone allows businesses to experience increased productivity, regardless of industry.   

In our experience with past customers, we’re able to manage business print environments more cost effectively than the current internal processes could. Plus, we’re able to provide an improved user experience and scale our services as your business grows and changes.

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