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Good Decision-Makers

Ask professionals to share the qualities of a great leader and you’ll get a long list. But one of them trumps all the rest: decisiveness. You can be likable, collaborative and trustworthy, but if...

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10 Common Mistakes When Running a Business

A business can have strong talent and great products and services, but still not perform well. It may look good on the outside, but the data shows the business is not run well and profitability is...

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A Leader to Follow: Kevin Schwantz

Kevin Schwantz’s career with Marco started 20 years ago. The local plumbing supply company where Kevin had worked closed and he found himself unemployed. The conditions of his unemployment led him...

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Quota Trip Drives Sales Culture

I just returned from a week in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a group of about 100 people representing the highest sales achievers at Marco. When I was a full-time sales guy, it meant I had hit my...

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What Makes a Good Partner

I will always remember the business colleagues who called me or showed up at my doorstep after my wife died. And the ones who flew in to attend the funeral. And those that I lean on for guidance...

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Leader to Follow: Jennifer Mrozek

Jennifer Mrozek started at Marco in 1998 in leasing before becoming our controller and being named Chief Financial Officer in her early 30s. Today, she serves in a key role as the Executive Vice...

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How to Come Back from a Loss

One of the best pieces of advice I received in my career is this: Minimize your highs and maximize your lows. We can easily get too confident when we win – or have a series of wins – or get too...

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Fix What Fits Your Strategy

As we start the new year, it’s natural for us to focus on implementing some new initiatives. Yet, one of the best moves we can make for our business is to fix what’s not working. It may sound simple,...

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Learning To Dance

I often encourage leaders to try new things to keep their saws sharp and challenge themselves. It really doesn’t matter if they are new to management or long-time veterans.

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Don’t Let Me Down

A key attribute of a high performing organization is a team of leaders that don’t want to let each other down. When something doesn’t go as planned, high performers are usually harder on...

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