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How Do You Create a Strong Culture?

September 8, 2017

To mark six years of my Leadership Culture Blog, I thought I would try something new – a live streamed video blog. I’ve done lots of videos, but this time we were live and unscripted.

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Moms Can Have It All

May 7, 2015

When I was growing up in the small Minnesota town of Little Falls, almost every mom stayed at home. As a kid, I played outside until Dad came home and Mom had dinner on the table at 5:45 p.m.

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Business is About More than Just the Bottom Line

March 21, 2013

Why are we in business? Sure, we have to show a profit, but beyond the financial statements, there are other benefits to being a well-run organization. I believe our business barometer extends...

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It's Time We Learn Something From Our Kids

October 4, 2012

As parents, we spend our whole life caring for, investing in and coaching our kids. The interesting part – now that my kids are older (27 and 23) – is that they are actually teaching me to be a...

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Work-Life Balance: Setting Priorities

December 16, 2010

As a busy professional, it is certainly easy to rationalize neglecting family and personal activities for business reasons.  But why would you want to do that? As much fun as running a business...

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