What is UCaas? [Video]

Posted by Matt Kanaskie on June 26, 2017

To me, describing the broad strokes and specific details of how Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) can revolutionize business communication is just another day at the office. But to my customers, it's so much more. In this blog, I'm sharing a quick video answering the top questions I'm asked by prospective customers:

  • What is UCaaS?
  • Why Would a Business Consider UCaaS?
  • What is UCaaS Comprised of?
  • Why Do I Believe in Marco's UCaaS?

What is UCaaS? 

UCaaS is a combination of software that includes telephony functions like voice, video, chat and collaboration, combined with tools available on your mobile, computer, desktop and in the web. UCaaS combines all of this into one, seamless stream, creating Unified Communications as a Service. 

Why Would a Business Consider UCaaS?

Many businesses consider UCaaS because they don't want to assemble and build different communication tools by themselves. Instead, they're looking to use a service that makes it easy to collaborate and communicate with clients, end users and employees. 

What Is UCaaS Comprised of?

UCaaS is a cloud-based phone system hosted within Marco's secure, redundant data center with a primary and secondary instance. This includes:

  • Phone lines: local, long distance and toll-free service
  • All the software applications and features delivered from the phone system
  • Hardware endpoints such as IP phones, conference units and video units
  • Internet connectivity and private data connectivity to connect your locations and remote workers to the UCaaS platform

Mitel provides the software, and Marco supplies the infrastructure, service, monitoring and analytics - that's why and how Marco's UCaaS is powered by Mitel. 

Why Do I Believe in Marco's UCaaS?

I believe in Marco's UCaaS because I've been able to leverage my 10+ years in telecommunications to put together what I believe is one of the strongest UCaaS solutions in the marketplace. By leveraging my experience, my engineering team and Mitel's industry-leading solution, we've put together a solution that is second to none in the marketplace. Ready to learn more? Let's talk

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